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XXIV International Festival
of Celtic Music and Culture of Trieste

Celtic harp.jpg
Traveling Triskell
Friday 14 June
at 6.00 pm

The first stage of the Itinerant Triskell will be held in Villa Engelmann in via dei Porta, in Trieste.

An hour of entertainment with the magical notes of the Celtic harp, with fairy tale readings in the park. For children and dreamy adults.

With Valentina Rosso on the Celtic harp.

Traveling Triskell
Saturday 16 June
at 6.00 pm


The second stage of Triskell Itinerante will see Valentina Rosso 's performance on the Celtic harp, in Villa Revoltella, in via de' Marchesetti, near the Festival location in Trieste.

An hour of entertainment with the magical notes of the Celtic harp, with fairy tale readings in the park. For children and dreamy adults.

Traveling Triskell
​Saturday 22 June
at 11.00 am


Thanks to the partnership of the Municipality of Trieste, the Devil's Muses will hold a short street performance with drums and bagpipes, to promote the XXIV Edition of the Triskell. In Piazza della Borsa in Trieste.

Traveling Triskell
​Sunday 23 June
from 10.00 am
V Triskell Tournament

Meeting at 9.30 at the Gaja sports field in Padriciano (Trieste).

Friendly archery competition open to registered archers of any federation, organized by ASD Dragon Rouge. The tournament will last approximately 3 hours. Race registration fee €10.00.

Traveling Triskell
Thursday 27 June
at 3.30 pm

Inclusive workshop in the Walter Cosina Garden

Thanks to the partnership with the Municipality of Muggia, Triskell Itinerante will bring the Trumusio Clan to (waiting).

Bridge will teach how to make jewelry with Celtic knots and simple rope.

The workshop is free and is dedicated to social inclusion and interactivity with other participants. Open to all.

Traveling Triskell
​Sunday 6 July
at 7.00 pm
Sunset over the sea with Francesca Valentina Salcioli


in art Frina


Thanks to the partnership with the Pro Loco Mitreo of Duino Aurisina, the sixth touring stage will be held on the seaside terrace of Promo Turismo of Sistiana, for a magical sunset to the notes of the Celtic Harp and the voice of Frina.

house of cinema ts_edited.jpg
Traveling Triskell
​Wednesday, July 24th  
9.00 pm

​The Uther Pendragon Cultural Association in collaboration with the "Casa del Cinema" of Trieste, will present the epic film of the Viking saga:


With Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Williem Dafoe

Plot: Hrafnsey, 10th century AD In a kingdom in Northern Europe, Amleth, son of King Aurvandil, witnesses the ambush in which his father dies at the hands of his brother Fjölnir. The usurper of the throne takes Gudrun, Amleth's mother, as his wife, while the boy manages to escape and save himself. Years later, Amleth has grown up: having become a berserker, a relentless and animalistic warrior, he knows only one purpose for his life: to avenge his father, save his mother, kill his uncle.

A revenge thriller that explores how far a Viking prince will go to seek justice for his murdered father. The film earned 2 Critics Choice Super nominations. In Italy at the Box Office The Northman grossed 1.1 million euros.

The film will be screened at the Muzio de Tommasini Public Garden - Via Giulia. Duration 180 minutes. Prohibited for children under 14 years of age.

Municipality of Trieste logocorrected.png
Traveling Triskell
Saturday 2 August
at 9.00 pm


Turn On Irish (SLO) concert

in Piazza Verdi in Trieste, included in the exhibition

Trieste Summer organized by the Municipality of Trieste

Turn On Irish is a Slovenian musical group whose heart beats for Irish music. The band offers traditional dance music and popular Irish songs. Thanks to their instrumentation and passion for Celtic music, the group members can create an engaging and festive atmosphere typical of Irish pubs, where friends gather to sing, dance, and enjoy streams of beer. Their specialty is offering traditional dance music and popular Irish songs.

Formed in 2014, they have recently renewed their lineup to continue providing captivating and original shows with the addition of a female voice. Thanks to their contagious energy and passion for music, Turn On Irish have already won many fans, as their music can transport listeners to the green Ireland. With their lively and engaging performances, they have earned a prominent place in the Slovenian music scene.

After their performance at Triskell 2023, they also steal the show at Triskell Itinerant in the summer program of the Municipality of Trieste, where they will present their repertoire of hits and traditional Celtic songs, with some dancers completing the choreography.



To Loo Loose.jpg
Untitled project.png
Traveling Triskell
Sunday 25 August
at 8.00 pm
Last appointment of Itinerant Triskell

with i

To Loo Loose


The concert will be held inside the

52nd edition of the World Folklore Festival,

thanks to the collaboration with the Ass. Cult. Etnos Gorizia ,

in Piazza Cesare Battisti in Gorizia, waiting for "GO! 2025!"

Nova Gorica-Gorizia


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