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Interactive games

St George and the Dragon at the Triskell Celtic Festival, for a Sunday of truly interactive gaming.

The "San Giorgio e il Drago" company has been creating educational projects since 1989, making material, costumes and sets available. There will be two days dedicated to children aged 5/6 to 14/15 who, first dressed and "armed" properly, and then will find themselves immersed in the world of Harry Potter to carry out incredible and unprecedented missions, with spells and blows on stage and with the involvement of some parents!

Reservation is recommended due to the rapid availability of places (max 120 children per session).

SESSION 1: 11am to 1pm. SESSION 2: 3pm to 5pm

For the occasion, the food trucks will remain open at lunchtime and the market will open in the morning.

Harry Potter5 .png

Plot of the two game sessions :

1st part
At Hogwarts, the school professors are preparing to welcome the new magic students.
After giving them wands and uniforms, they will reveal that they have received a letter which indicates the name of the new headmaster of the school: Professor Remus Lupine.
The appointment is official and the students, divided into houses, begin the first lesson in defense against the dark arts.
At the end of the first lesson, they prepare to join Professor Trelawney, a divination teacher.
The lesson proceeds when, suddenly, a dire prediction will shock all the students:
“Black clouds are enveloping the sky above Hogwarts, a bad omen of doom.”
It is necessary to control the boundaries of the school and safeguard the Horcruxes, but Lupine's disappearance creates havoc.
Through the forest, a nasty surprise is lurking.

2nd part :
The school teachers, after welcoming the students and giving them the necessary material for the lessons, reiterate what happened previously and the importance of guarding the doors of Hogwarts.
The werewolf has been spotted near the forbidden forest but only Hagrid can help them in the search.
In fact, students are strictly prohibited from entering the forest. A wolfsbane potion will be necessary to deal with him but it will not be easy to administer it to him.
Once in the forest the situation turns out to be even more dangerous than expected.
Only the union of the four houses and the securing of the sword of Gryffindor will be able to save the school and its students.

To sign up for the interactive game sessions, simply make an online payment of €12 to support the animators (per session), for 2 hours of play including dressing.

Anyone wishing to register the child for both sessions will simply need to multiply the amount by two, taking care to subsequently send via email the data and details of the registered child (name, surname and age), and which session they will participate in, if that of the morning, afternoon or both, to allow roll-call upon arrival at the info point. Then send the data to this email:

Reason for payment: "Donation for the entertainers", to the following IBAN IT 25B 054 8402 200C C004 1002 619, made out to ass. cult. Uther Pedragon Banca di Cividale fil. of Trieste.

Those who can, will be able to stop by at the New Age Center in via Nordio 4/C in Trieste, headquarters of the association, during shop hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 10-13 and 15.30-20.00.

You can also register on June 30th at the Triskell infopoint, while places last, but be careful: registration on site will cost €15 instead of €12.

Pre-registration is therefore recommended to take advantage of the €3 discount and secure your place.

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