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Triskell 201 speaker biographies

Who we are

Uther Pendragon Cultural Association

The Cultural Association Uther Pendragon takes its name from that ancient semi-mythical figure who was the Rhi of Cymru (the ruler of ancient British Wales), in the fifth century AD, father of the more famous King Arthur.

​​ The idea was born from the passion and sharing of the founding members Walter and Betty , for everything that revolved around the Celtic world at 360 ° and, in November 1999 together with 5 other friends sharing the same passion, they decided to found the cultural association. So they immediately began to work on the creation of the Triskell Festival project, which saw its first edition in 2001 held at the Castello di San Giusto, which has grown over the years to become an international event.


The 7 founding members:

  • Elisabetta Sulli , president and owner of the New Age Center;

  • Walter Fioretto , vice president and artistic director;

  • Giuliano Righi , was employed at the Civic Museums of History and Art of Trieste and personally participated in the excavations in the Celtic settlements of Friuli, testifying to the presence of the Celts Carni in the region;

  • Muzio Bobbio , former musician of the Gwen, a local historical Celtic music band;

  • Ugor Pagotto , a scholar of  spirituality of the Celtic peoples;

  • Massimiliano Ursini , expert in historical re-enactments;

  • Stefano Piciulin , passionate about the Arthurian saga and role-playing games.


Reformed in 2002, it acquired 3 new members: Dorina Leka who immediately became the secretary of the association, an expert in the music field, a professional PR photographer Alessandra Mitakidis , and Fulvio Marchese , reviewer and photographer.


Since 2001 he has successfully organized the International Festival of Celtic Music and Celtic Culture of Trieste Triskell and along the way, also the TSt. Patrick's Day in Fiera di Trieste in collaboration with the historic Irish dance school Folk Country Club of Trieste.

In 2002 he co-organized the Keltieker Celtic Festival at Paimpont in Brittany (F) by participating on site.

Since 2013 and for five years, he has organized the "Ancient and New Mysteries" International Conference on the great mysteries of History, Science and Archeology with guests authors of successful books, researchers and prestigious scholars.


In synergy with two cultural associations, one from Busto Arsizio and the other from Ponzano Veneto, it organizes 2 editions of the San Patrizio Festival in Fiera in Milan Rho-Pero and Milan Fiera.


Among the events of a certain thickness, it organizes the Celtic Events FVG in Osoppo in 2014 which saw both the Triskell XIV Edition and the I ° Halloween Fest as integral parts of the project.


For two years, she was part of the jury of the European Celtic Contest in the Marche region, for the selection of the best emerging Celtic music band.


Since 2011 it has been part of ECQUE, a brand that certifies Celtic events. It operates for cultural, recreational and solidarity purposes for the exclusive satisfaction of non-profit collective interests, providing for the development, promotion, organization of research, study and historical dissemination of art, crafts, music, theater and ancient ethnic religions, with particular reference to Celtic via the Triskell Festival.


Since 2019, Triskell is Ecofesta plastic free , for  educate to respect the environment.


The subject involved since the first edition of the Festival is the Municipality of Trieste, Department of Culture, which has a fundamental role as the Co-organizer provides all the necessary tools to achieve the expected result for the best performance of the Festival. Over the years, all the Mayors of Trieste have supported this ambitious project, from Riccardo Illy, to Roberto Cosolini, to Roberto Dipiazza, finding consensus and support from all political parties, and from the Consulates representing the international bands that took part on stage.

Walter Betty Dorina
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