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Map for those arriving by car at the Triskell Celtic Festival

Map to reach the Triskell area

By public transport

Line 11. The terminus stops right in front of the Ferdinandeo palace.

Line 25.
Also stops at Ferdinandeo.

Line "26 /" (
crossed out) Evening. Also stops at Ferdinandeo.

LINE "11"
(1 section)

Ferdinandeo - Via S. Pasquale - Rozzol - Via Revoltella - Via Piccardi - Via Pascoli - Via D'Azeglio - Via Tarabochia - Piazza Goldoni - Via Mazzini - Piazza Tommaseo

Piazza Tommaseo - Via Mazzini - Piazza Goldoni - Piazza Ospitale - Via D'Azeglio - Via Foscolo - Via Rossetti - Via Revoltella - Rozzol - Via S. Pasquale - Ferdinandeo

From 9.00 pm see line A LINE "A" after 9.00 pm PIAZZA GOLDONI - CATTINARA Piazza Goldoni - route line "11" - Ferdinandeo - Melara - Cattinara (Hospital)

LINE "25" (1 section) - ONLY weekday

Cattinara (Hospital) - Melara - Villa Revoltella - Ferdinandeo - Via Marchesetti - S. Luigi - Via Farneto - Via Ginnastica - Piazza Goldoni - Via Mazzini - Piazza della Borsa

Piazza della Borsa - Corso Italia - Via Imbriani - Via Battisti - Via Gatteri - Via Ginnastica - Via Farneto - S.Luigi - Via Marchesetti - Ferdinandeo - Villa Revoltella - Melara - Cattinara (Hospital)

weekdays evening and public holidays, replaced by the line "26 /"

In weekdays after 21.00 see line "26" - On the holiday see line "26 /"

LINE "26"
(1 section). Al Ferdinandeo passes as line "26 /", only weekday and holiday weekdays extending the run.

Chiadino (soccer field) - Via Felluga - S.Luigi - Via Farneto - Via Ginnastica - Via Carducci - Piazza Oberdan - Via Udine - Strada del Friuli - Largo Osoppo

Largo Osoppo - Strada del Friuli - Via Udine - Piazza Oberdan - Via Carducci - Via Battisti - Via Gatteri - Via Ginnastica - Via Farneto - S.Luigi - Via Felluga - Chiadino

weekdays evening and holiday weekdays, line "26 /" extended to Cattinara (Hospital). Therefore it makes the normal stops of the day 25 line, including the Ferdinandeo.

Taken from

With train

For those arriving by train on holidays or in the evening, exit from the main exit onto Piazza Libertà, cross into the subway, and go exactly in front of Via Ghega. Go along via Ghega for about 150 meters, pass the small square Dalmazia, and after another 50 meters you will find yourself in Piazza Oberdan.
Here, he finds the terminus of the line 26, which only on holidays and evenings brings in front of Ferdinandeo extending the runs becoming barred: 26 /.
By day, you can instead take the aforementioned lines, 25 and 11, which stop right in front of Ferdinandeo, but from the station you have to reach them differently.
The 25 is only weekdays (in the holidays it is replaced by the 26th one crossed), and it is taken in Piazza della Borsa (terminus), towards the shores (10 minutes on foot), or in Via Battisti after the "Portici" (always 10 minutes walk from the station).
To take instead the 11 that goes to Ferdinandeo both on holidays and weekdays, the nearest street to the station is via Mazzini (terminus as above is in Piazza del Tommaseo). Via Mazzini is easily reached on foot by exiting the station and walking for 5 minutes along the seafront, continuing until it crosses Via Mazzini after about 4 or 5 streets.

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