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Where to stay

Where to stay


In particular. The donation of € 12.00 is per tent and per night, not per person, up to a maximum of 4 occupants. If there are more people in the same tent in addition to the fixed number of 4, a further donation of € 2.00 will be required for each additional occupant, as an occasional fundraiser and for the use of the water in the showers and their rental . The showers will have hot water until the reserve is exhausted. They will be modular in structure and assembled on site for the occasion. It will also be possible to use the bathrooms with running water. If there is a need for electricity to charge mobile phones, just ask the infopoint or the festival staff.


About 6/7 km. from Ferdinandeo continuing along the via de 'Marchesetti to Basovizza, border of Fernetti, there is Camping Excelsior. The site is , where you will find a nice map on how to reach it.

Closer to Ferdinandeo, the Obelisco Campsite , located in Strada Nuova di Opicina n. 37 on the SS58, towards Opicina just before the curve to arrive in the town of the same name. Tel. 040 212744 - 040 211655

Much further away (about 20 km) but very suggestive, for those who want a breathtaking view and be in contact with nature and the sea of Trieste, there is the Mare Pineta campsite above the Bay of Sistiana (near the Duino castle). .


Tergeste Hostel: Viale Miramare 331. Located on the sea near the Miramare Castle. Optimal solution to visit the splendid Castle that belonged to Massimiliano d'Asburgo and Carlotta and the surrounding park. Tel. And Fax 040224102

Controvento Hostel: the hostel is located in Piazza Venezia 1, in a very central position and offers large rooms, both shared and private. There is a kitchen for meals and a large lounge with smartworking stations. I guarantee a 10% discount on the basic rates to those who book on behalf of the festival.


Private, shared rooms or entire houses

With Airbnb, you have a myriad of choices. Sign up to the site with this link, and you will get an immediate discount of € 25 on your first trip.

B&B and Hotel

There are dozens of them. Just consult Recommended in the green At the Banne Valley.

Affiliated residence


The structure is equipped with a lift and the entrance, which overlooks Viale XX Settembre, is free of architectural barriers. The rooms are spread over 4 floors. The residence has an agreement with the Triskell Festival. Anyone who wants to stay in the wonderful new apartments in the heart of Trieste will have to register as a visitor to the Triskell, and will receive a discount on the overnight stay. To get the discount, contact , tel. 0409828144 - 3505892002.