On March 17, 2011 the ECQUE - European Celtic Quality Event - was born, a consortium that brings together seven of the main Celtic festivals in Italy that promote Celtic art, music and culture.

The intent is to offer, through an immediately identifiable "quality mark", the guarantee of being in the presence of events with specific requisites in terms of organizational, artistic, cultural and service quality. This guarantee of quality is assured to the interlocutors / spectators of Celtic-themed events in our country: participants, public institutions and private companies.

Today more than ever it becomes important to immediately communicate the nature and quality of what you come in contact with, and ECQUE is the answer for the Celtic quality events organized in our country and open to international collaborations.

The requirements that are certified by the seal of ECQUE, and therefore recognized to those events of Celtic quality, are:

  • Events whose primary objective is the diffusion of the Celtic and local culture connected to it, through the different types of events in which the festival is articulated (music and dance, conferences, stands, stages, historical reconstruction);

  • Absence of any form of political, party or religious connotation within the festival;

  • Valorization / Respect / Conservation of the places where the festival takes place, with particular reference to the sites immersed in nature;

  • Professional organization, even if not professional, with particular attention to the aspects of cultural volunteering that deals with every aspect of the event;

  • Proven quality public services;

  • Internal and external quality structures for music, dance, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, games and activities in general;

  • Presence of national and international artists of recognized artistic value;

  • Availability to advertise the festivals that expose the seal of ECQUE and collaborate with them through every possible method;

The seven founding festivals of the ECQUE - European Celtic Quality Event (which recognized the eligibility requirements) represent six Italian regions and are, from west to east:

  • Valle Celtica d'Aosta

  • NovaAria Novara for Piedmont

  • BustoFolk of Busto Arsizio (VA) for Lombardy

  • Celtic Magic Pergine Valsugana (TN) for Trentino

  • Celtival Giavera del Montello (TV) for the Veneto region

  • Triskell Trieste for Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Since 2012, the Swiss La Tène Festival has also joined the ECQUE and, finally, the Fairylands Festival of Guidonia (RM).

These events have represented, for many years, realities of absolute excellence in the panorama of national events and brought together an impressive number of participants, estimated at around 250/300 thousand units, thus becoming the promoters of a true personalized phenomenon with remarkable effects on the economic system of the localities concerned.

Our "system of events" cyclically offers the performance of hundreds of high-level artists from around the world and effectively promotes, through the implementation of conferences, exhibitions, seminars and stages, the widespread diffusion of culture, history, archeology and ethnographic.

Our initiatives contribute to the development of quality craft activities and, by re-evaluating the fantastic and creative dimension, are important moments of aggregation, favoring the socialization and participation of the whole family unit in pleasant opportunities for recreation and cultural growth.

Furthermore, within the same organizations of each individual event, a virtuous mechanism of involvement on a voluntary basis of hundreds of young and less young people, engaged in creative and organizational activities, is carried out, which plays a further important educational and aggregative role, in addition to be a reason to develop a "know-how" that opens up to the world of work.

This enormous transversal involvement of people of all ages and of all social strata, widespread throughout northern Italy, generates not only the cultural phenomenon, but also a clear impact in terms of economic growth on the territory, acting as an engine for numerous activities related to local resources, be they cultural, environmental or tourist.

The breath of the ECQUE association - European Celtic Quality Event, given the importance in terms of size and quality, of the events involved, does not want to limit itself to national boundaries but, from birth, they wanted to create contacts and prerequisites for a fruitful exchange of experiences at European level, implementing a complex series of connections with equally prestigious events taking place in other nations or territories affected by the promotion of Celtic culture, firstly Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and England with their tenth anniversary international festival.In this sense it is desirable and realistic to soon extend the group to supranational realities that give an even more important dimension to the initiative.

The objectives that we set ourselves, through a series of synergetic coordination policies, are those of further growth and promotion of the single events that will benefit from the advantages linked to a system policy, in terms of organizational promotion and exchange of experiences also at an international level .

ECQUE - European Celtic Quality Event - immediately, therefore, as interlocutor of primary interest, both for public institutions and for private economic realities, which far exceeds the value of individual events even if relevant and important.

ECQUE - The European Celtic Quality Event is the expression of that European Celtic heritage that since ancient times constitutes the substratum on which the Europe of modern peoples can weave its common cultural ties and grow in terms of consciousness of the united continent .


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