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Provisions 2023

🎯 Service Communication ‼️
The festival will maintain the same arrangement as the last two years. It will therefore be divided into 3 sectors: concerts, catering and market.
🍗 Catering: will see the reconfirmation of food trucks and their delicious food products.
🍺 Pub: the main pub will maintain its usual positioning, such as the one placed on the lawn in the market area, and the new smaller one at the entrance.
🎵 Concerts: the concert area will remain positioned in the square near the main catering area, completely free of chairs.
🧺 Market: the craftsmen with their artifacts will be placed in the area under the 3 arches, on the lawn.

🦚 Historical field: you can sit on the grass to relax and to chat in company or to interact with the reenactors present.

The festival reconfirms itself ECOFESTA PLASTIC FREE. The glasses and crockery will therefore be strictly biodegradable.
Thanks ❣️
The Triskell staff

Edition number 23
dea sola.png

We enter the numerology of the 23rd Edition of 2023, a number that brings joy and positivity and can bring about great changes both to the individual person and to those around them.

To understand the meaning and symbolism of the number 23 in numerology, we have to add its two digits: 2 + 3 = 5. This brings us to the number Five, which is the reference number to understand the meaning of 23.But let's find out now the interpretation of this number without forgetting the aspects mentioned so far, regarding the two digits that make it up.


Number 23 is associated in numerology  with decision making and luck. It has a positive influence on dynamic activities and public speaking skills, charisma, performing arts and communication.


It is a very special issue that immediately evokes a dimension of absolute innocence and a youthful spirit, in search of new emotions and adventures. It symbolizes a spontaneous adventure with a touch of creativity and joie de vivre. It is the number of the desire for a life without limits, free but with the sweetness of youth.


In the Neapolitan grimace, this number represents a person who makes a fool of himself, but its meaning is not negative. It invites you to have fun and let yourself go.

The 23rd also calls for improving people's lives and making the world a better place, using all possible skills.

In the tarot, you start over with the Magician, the number 1 that follows the 22 Major Arcana, that Magician who represents the ability to govern the scene on solid and reliable foundations.


The Othila Rune, at 23rd place, represents family, friendships, heritage, clan and home. This suggests that Edition 23 will be based on relationships, brotherhood and sharing. It invites you to look around and appreciate what surrounds us, announcing a special edition.

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