Provisions 2022

🎯 Service Communication‼ ️
For this edition, we will finally be free from Covid restrictions, and the Festival will return to normal.

Given the success of the new accommodation, the event will still be divided into 3 sectors: concerts, catering and market.
🍗 Catering: the excellent solution of diversified food kiosks and trucks will be confirmed.
🍺 Pub: the large pub will maintain its usual position, with the addition of the small kiosk on the grass in the market area.
🎵 Concerts: the concert area will remain located in the square, near the main dining area. Only a few chairs will be placed near the sound system, while under the stage it will be possible to return to standing without the spacing.
🧺 Market: the positioning of all the artisans' gazebos on the grass will be maintained, under the ones near the 3 arches.

🦚 Historical camp: you can sit on the grass to relax and chat with friends or ask questions to the clans present.
Thanks ❣️
The Triskell staff