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Provisions 2023

🎯 Service Communication ‼️
The festival will maintain the same arrangement as the last two years. It will therefore be divided into 3 sectors: concerts, catering and market.
🍗 Catering: will see the reconfirmation of food trucks and their delicious food products.
🍺 Pub: the main pub will maintain its usual positioning, such as the one placed on the lawn in the market area, and the new smaller one at the entrance.
🎵 Concerts: the concert area will remain positioned in the square near the main catering area, completely free of chairs.
🧺 Market: the craftsmen with their artifacts will be placed in the area under the 3 arches, on the lawn.

🦚 Historical field: you can sit on the grass to relax and to chat in company or to interact with the reenactors present.

The festival reconfirms itself ECOFESTA PLASTIC FREE. The glasses and crockery will therefore be strictly biodegradable.
Thanks ❣️
The Triskell staff

Edition number 24
goddess alone.png

Twenty-four years spent together on a path of constant growth, for an eclectic festival that has transformed over time, opening up to new musical genres that perhaps we would never have imagined in a Celtic context. However, in life it is essential to dare, experiment and be pioneers in a project that, while maintaining its Celtic roots, must expand its horizons to remain relevant and innovative even for those who, along the way, have moved away to pursue other interests. The innovation of musical proposals can be a vehicle for bringing together those who, over time, have followed other passions.

But let's see the symbolism of this edition's number.

​The 24 expresses balance and harmony from both a physical and spiritual point of view, as it is a blend of the numbers 2 and 4. The first equates to balance and duality, relationships, cooperation, partnership, diplomacy, purpose and mission of the soul ; the second symbolizes practicality, honesty, organization, integrity, responsibility, drive, passion, reliability and inner wisdom. The symbolism inherent to social life is optimal, as the energetic potential of the 24 is best expressed here in the perpetual exchange of giving-receiving and therefore in sharing and inclusiveness, which is one of the objectives of the Festival.

The nature of 24 therefore allows the development of ideas and concepts that act to improve social life and well-being on a large scale. The ideal place for this issue is the home, and if we want to analyze the festival, the Triskellian people are in all respects a wonderful big family.

The 24 gives the ability to transform every challenge into an opportunity for growth and is associated with success and victory thanks to determination, capable of bringing luck and success in different contexts, inspiring and guiding those who wish to achieve great results.

In the Futhark, 24 is the Dagaz Rune, the Rune of the victory of light over darkness in every sense. It suggests value, success and security in decisions, promises positive encounters and leads to a radical, important and profound transformation. It is the Dawn, linked to this passage, like the light of a new lighthouse, which leads to growth and the continuation of the journey towards the twenty-five year anniversary!

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