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Triskell Artists 2019

Musical groups

June 21st Friday

Muse del Diavolo (ITA)


Muse del Diavolo were born from the need to recover and make the ancient melodies lost over the centuries resonate, with the aim of reawakening the connection with Nature and the primordial instinct of man, an instinct that with the advent of the Middle Ages it was weakened and crushed, to the point of becoming forbidden and demonized.
That demon, the Devil, that the band bears in its name together with his cure: the Muse. By “Musa” they mean the CornaMusa: an instrument which, unlike what you might think, has its roots in the heart of the Italian peninsula, in an ancient and primordial time. With the Italian Muses and their drums, they bring back to life those sounds considered cursed and forbidden, but capable of gripping the stomach and catapulting into another dimension. Their music is the backdrop to a provocative and intoxicating dance that hypnotizes and overwhelms, and makes you forget the prison of modernity. In stage formation, they become "Taberna". They return to Trieste, after the success of 2023.

Muse del Diavolo

June 21st Friday

The Celtic Tramps ( F )

Official photo THE CELTIC TRAMPS.jpeg

The Celtic Tramps is a band of castaway musicians, ready to make you dance like they did in the old days, born from the need to escape, leaving for new shores and reuniting their knowledge while imagining a journey towards freedom.

Sailing between Lorraine and Ireland, they arrange the basics of popular music to deliver an invigorating performance. Their music is engaging and powerful so that everyone can join in the pleasure of sharing. Their songs have the power to invade street corners, old ports, smoky pubs, bars and various performance halls, in need of new folk vibes.

For the first time in Italy, exclusively for Trieste and Triskell.

The Celtic Tramps

June 22nd Saturday

Gnoss (SCO)


Gnoss' signature sound is a rich tapestry of acoustic layers; exceptional musicianship, deep traditional roots and contemporary songwriting flair combine to create songs and melodies full of character. Three-time Scots Trad Award nominees, the boys have built a following through their forward-thinking take on traditional music, and the unique warmth of their live shows. This has recently been demonstrated by their two consecutive sold out appearances at the famous 'Celtic Connections' festival in Glasgow, with their first headlining show in 2020 and their most recent appearance in 2022 re-producing their lockdown album, 'The Light of the Moon'.

For the first time in Trieste, they will captivate the public with their contemporary traditional Scottish music.



Gens d'Ys (ITA)


Gens d’Ys has been the Irish dance in Italy for 30 years, since that distant year of 1993, when a group of friends in the province of Varese set out to learn how to dance reel, jig, and hornpipe. Commitment, technique, a bit of madness, but above all an overwhelming passion for Ireland and the Celtic countries have led them, generation after generation, to dance in every corner of Italy, with courses of all levels in 30 Italian cities. Their workshops on Celtic dances guarantee fun for everyone, even for those who have never dared to take a step. The current performance company of the academy presents a repertoire of different styles of Irish dance: from the light and swirling slip jigs to the rhythmic choreographies danced in unison with the "heavy" shoes, predecessors of tap shoes, all punctuated by frequent costume changes. Following in the footsteps of the musicals Riverdance and Lord of The Dance, through fusion, highland dances, and even flamenco, Gens d'Ys will take you on a journey to discover Irish dance: you won't be able to keep your feet still!

June 23rd Sunday

Arthuan Rebis (ITA)


Arthuan Rebis (Alessandro Arturo Cucurnia), graduated in Music, is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, harpist, writer, sound operator, international concert performer. Scholar of musical and spiritual traditions of the East and West. He performs in various musical contexts and as a soloist and with various projects he has collected more than 1000 performances in Italy and abroad (Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Qatar, Czech Republic, USA , Finland, Estonia). His musical training is characterized by the study and practice of musical styles distant in space and time, ranging from Nordic and bardic folk to oriental traditions (India, China, Mongolia...), from archaic to medieval and neoclassical music, up to to prog folk, pagan/fantasy folk, darker wave, visionary songwriting, and more experimental contaminations. Among the instruments he plays can be found: Celtic harp, nyckelharpa, esraj, hulusi, bouzouki, guitars, flutes, bagpipes, percussion, santur and keyboards. Like Arthuan Rebis he performs solo or in a duo. In 2023 his fourth solo album "Canti di Helughèa" (Black Widow Records) was released, featuring the Lord Byron of dark folk-rock music as a guest: Paul Roland. The album accompanies the fantasy novel written by Arthuan “Helughèa - Il Racconto di una Stella Foglia” (Eterea Edizioni), presented at the Turin Salon and Wonderland (Rai 4). He returns to the Triskell as a duo to enchant the audience on the night of the Fires of San Giovanni .

Arthuan Rebis

June 23rd Sunday

In Vino Veritas (ITA)


IN VINO VERITAS is the Pagan Medieval Folk band that has been performing at the major medieval, Celtic, folk, pagan and alternative music festivals since 2010, collecting hundreds of dates in various European countries, from Croatia to the Czech Republic, from Brittany to France, from Germany to Austria, from Switzerland to Belgium, to Denmark and so on. The first years of the group's activity are characterized by much study and extensive research in philological fields relating above all to medieval and Celtic music. Subsequently the musicians begin to progressively contaminate their own sound, drawing from the specific and varied background of the individual members, to the point of bringing out a peculiar identity capable of mixing trance rhythms, airy melodies, Nordic sounds and warm folk-rock harmonies. After the success of the Bestiarium mask show in recent years, IN VINO VERITAS changes its look and presents Grimorium Magi in 2019, inspired by pagan traditions and medieval witchcraft cults, Celtic magic, Gothic and gargoyle aesthetics. The band's sound thus evolves further towards a flavor that is both archaic and modern, which has given a new voice and new enchantment to the instruments and myths of the past. They return to the Triskell with their beautiful stage costumes from the medieval Bestiary.

In Vino Veritas

June 24th Monday

To Loo Loose (ITA)

To Loo Loose.jpg

To Loo Loose were formed way back in 1995 in Trieste. The name of the band derives from the word "Tululù", which in Trieste dialect means "silly and stupid person". They have participated in the Triskell Celtic Festival since its debut, offering, among the first in Italy, a fascinating mix of songs from the Celtic tradition and authentic rock arrangements. In fact, they enjoy grafting the robust sounds of bass, drums and electric guitars onto the popular airs of Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, expertly carried out by the most common instruments in Irish pubs (banjo, violin and guitar), ranging from Cajun to blues, from reggae to rap, from ballads to wild rhythms of Balkan origin, creating songs that are original and unique in all respects, all sung with mastery inferior only to versatility.

They play with the aim of taking the listener to the suggestive lands of green Ireland, but with their feet firmly planted in our territory, to entertain the audience with a pint of good beer.

The evening dedicated to "Space for Local Groups" is all for them.

To Loo Loose

25th and 26th Tuesday and Wednesday

AlmaKanta (ITA)

P5270012-01 (1).jpeg

AlmaKanta met in 2016, for a folk project, coming from different musical experiences, including trip-hop, rock and Renaissance music. They begin a musical and personal partnership, proposing Celtic and mystical repertoire, with dreamlike and esoteric sounds, between acoustic and electronic. They play with the Celtic harp, keyboards, moon tambour and ethnic instruments.

Francesca Valentina Salcioli, on the Celtic harp, is a teacher of Art Therapy and Artistic Therapeutics and also performs as a soloist under the pseudonym of Frina. In duo for a magical Celtic dream atmosphere, with Andrea Ambrosino.

For "Space for Local Groups", AlmaKanta will open two evenings.




June 25th Tuesday

John Falko (ITA)

Photo FALKO.jpg

John Falko is an Italian author and singer, who worked in the press office of the Sanremo Festival in the 1990s. Subsequently, he worked behind the scenes of famous Italian and foreign musical artists, from Vasco Rossi to Ligabue to Santana. After a few years, he entered Sanremo in 2001 with the Lythium group, receiving the critics' award, while he dedicated himself to studying acting, in fact he was a co-star in the film "Taxi" with 18 international and national awards. His solo music career began in 2011 with the album "Shoot Your Enemy". John Falko is also an independent radio host and television presenter of musical formats on channel 17 of Italian television. Meanwhile, he released a tribute album to the late singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan. To date he has dedicated himself to an ambitious project: setting ancient traditional prayers linked to the eight sabbats of the Celtic calendar in Pagan Rock Folk style, obtaining a good number of listens and views on YouTube and Spotify, and with this project entitled "Irish Prayer" , presents itself for the first time in Trieste, at the Triskell festival.


John Falko


26 and 27 June Wednesday and Thursday

Fabula (DE)


Fabula. Triskell's most loved band returns with a new lineup, with a fifth element on drums.

German band from Saxony, founded in 1995. The resulting sound produces a strong musical impact. They perform in medieval historical re-enactments, in castles, festivals and traditional folklore celebrations. They differ from other medieval groups thanks to the Celtic, Scottish and Breton influences, which they insert into their musical works, and the resulting result is absolutely characteristic. All this is enriched by the sound of the powerful medieval bagpipes and thunderous drums, a sound that is mixed with traditional melodies and the group's personal adaptations, with a result that is exciting and modern at the same time. Fabula!



June 27th Thursday

Tempus ( CZ )


Tempus is a musical group from Brno that plays world music with rock elements, inspired by medieval melodies. Led by the charismatic singer Linda Ravenna, they have been active on the music scene for seventeen years. The group currently plays in a seven-member lineup, made up of professional musicians who also have experience in projects of other genres. The instrumentation is unconventional and varied, combining modern musical instruments with replicas of medieval instruments. The result is captivating songs with fantasy arrangements and elegant interpretation. The melodic lines of the nyckelharpa, flute, violin and dulcimer are intertwined with free-sounding electric guitar motifs, colored by bass and drums. The songs have a very dynamic structure, based on the contrast between Linda Ravenna's delicate voice and the sophisticated and elaborate instrumental parts. For the first time in Italy, exclusively for Trieste and Triskell.


June 28th Friday

Sheeban ( PL )


The music of the Sheeban Celtic Band cannot be defined as traditional. The compositions performed by the band are based on the most beautiful Irish and Scottish melodies, with quotes from film music intertwined here and there. The band is mainly inspired by Celtic music, but in many tracks a rock atmosphere and a passion for guitar. The group is made up of three charming girls and three equally charming rascals. They use traditionally folk instruments: violin, bodhran, guitars, Scottish bagpipes, flute, bouzouki, with the rhythmic support of bass and percussion instruments.

Banshee is an entity from Irish mythology that heralds death and misfortune, and by integrating this mythology, the band creates the character of Sheeban, as opposed to the Banshee, a term that heralds life, joy and happiness. For the first time in Italy and exclusively for Trieste and Triskell.


28 and 29 June Friday and Saturday


Irdorath ( BLR )

Irdorath - © Nat Nazgul.jpg

Finally, after 3 years of waiting, Irdorath arrive in Trieste! Irdorath Fantasy-Folk Band, performs on the border between medieval, ethnic, pagan, gothic and world music styles with a Belarusian nuance and Slavic accents. Irdorath has accumulated rich performance experience, participating in major festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Wave Gothic Treffen, Wild Mint (the largest world music festival in Russia), as well as medieval, ethnic, metal and pagan festivals of smaller dimensions throughout Europe, playing hundreds of concerts. Irdorath creates his own musical world: noble and wild, dark and exciting, full of legends with Slavic influences and echoes of the Middle Ages and folk fantasy. After two years of forced closure, they are finally enjoying the freedom and joy of being able to perform on festival stages in Europe. They are re-emerging from the darkness that deprived them of music, and finally, after three postponements, they participate for the first time in Trieste at the Triskell with two concerts: in the late evening on June 28th, and in prime time on the 29th!

From Belarus: Irdorath Fantasy Band!


June 29th Saturday

Lyrre ( PL )


LYRRE is a Polish neo-medieval metal band from Kraków, founded by former Eluveitie hurdy-gurdy player, Michalina Malisz (hurdy-gurdy, vocals), and her husband, Piotr Martusiński (guitar). The band's vision was created in 2020. Two years later, after Michalina's departure from the ranks of the legendary Swiss folk metal band, and with the addition of Miłosz Buśka (bass) and Tomasz Młóciński (drums), they were the first singles featuring the creativity of the quartet were released. LYRRE's music combines the organic sound of the hurdy-gurdy with metal and electronic inspirations in the form of richly arranged productions. Modern songwriting and collaboration with artists such as Noah Sebastian from Bad Omens (as co-producer) and Lasse Lammert (mixing and mastering) made the band's first album "Not All Who Dream Are Asleep" (released today in digital) a breath of fresh air on the Polish rock scene.

The band transforms these elements into a melancholic, yet uplifting and majestic aura, which represents a breath of fresh air for fans of symphonic, folk and atmospheric metal.


June 30th Sunday

The Groggy Dogs (E)


Seville-based band The Groggy Dogs fuses punk, metal and ska with sailors' songs and traditional Celtic melodies, resulting in a powerful, fun sound that invites you to dance and party with a few jugs of grog. The idea was born in April 2020, a month after the confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis. Mauro (The Cap'n, Vocals and Guitar) after going through several Celtic music projects, wanted to continue with the idea of fishing in traditional Celtic melodies and giving them a more powerful sound. Being a big fan of old traditional sea songs, he thought it would be a good idea to take some of them and add them to the mix of Punk Metal and Ska. Grog o'Clock is the first album by The Groggy Dogs and was released on 9 April 2021. Guests for the first time in Italy at the XXIII Triskell festival, they return with a renewed enthusiasm for an explosive closing, with a perfect combination to celebrate, dance and empty the rum cellar.

The Groggy Dogs

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