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Fire Tales
Fire Tales

In the Witch's Cave - A journey into sensorial experience in which the spirit finds nourishment and a place for the soul, multiple meanings and ancient values that come to the full light of consciousness during the experience itself. Immersive and emotional, you will become an active part of the journey to create and interconnect with the spiritual self. The Witch's grimoire will guide you in the creation of: natural smudges, incense cones, the Witch's scale, preparation of infusions, techniques for preparing and preserving Dandelion honey, burning negative thoughts for a new rebirth. To offer to cover materials.

From 22nd to 30th June from 5pm to 8pm:



  • game/bubble animation

  • constructions with travertine marble

  • witch's house - sensory game

  • tasting the witch's decoction

  • readings of ancient Nordic legends


... and every day, many and many workshops and workshops / ( workshops ).

From 23 to 30 June at the end of the concerts, free fire-juggling shows.



On 21 and 22 June at the end of the concerts, Vassago will liven up the evenings of the Festival, with its fascinating free-gift fire-juggling shows.

Tatiana Simonic

Every day from June 21st except the 22nd . From 4.00pm to 9.00pm, Tatiana Simonic will be present as a free-will facepainting face painter.

Il Giardino Arcano
Arcane Garden

From 21 to 30 June for the entire period of the Festival, from 9.00 pm onwards, divinations at the Stone Circle in the grove, with the Priestesses of the Arcane Garden. 5 stations with readings of runes, fairy oracles, tarot cards and other free-offering mantic arts.

The Sacred Labyrinth

From 21st to 30th June every evening from 9pm, you can retrace the now traditional Sacred Labyrinth at the 3 Arches, which will be built and guarded by Àrtos. In the Ancient World, the "unicorsal" Labyrinth, which goes in a single direction, represents the Great Goddess, the universal creative energy, and its Center is the place of rebirth and renewal. At the point of entry, be silent and focus on one intent, then ask internally for permission to enter. Always in silence and with a slow but regular pace, follow the path, without ever stopping and taking care not to go off the path, keeping your intent clearly in mind. Once at the center, you can stop for a few minutes: close your eyes, and concentrate on the magical energy you perceive. Then, repeat the route in reverse, being careful not to go off track, maintaining an attitude of gratitude internally. On the threshold before definitively exiting the Labyrinth, turn towards the center and say thank you. At this point you will receive your Oracle, which will give the answer to your question, to your intent, choosing it with an open heart and closed eyes.

For any questions or information you can contact Àrtos, the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

Migrations of the Celts
Exhibition on the Celts

From 21st to 30th June you can freely visit the panel exhibition on the Migrations of the Celts.

The exhibition will be set up in the large gazebo reserved for workshops, activities and exhibitions.

I Falconieri della Ginestra
Falconry of Ginestra

From 22 to 23 and from 28 to 30 June, the Falconieri della Ginestra, an independent falconry group active in the province of Parma since 2016, will be with us.

They will present a direct approach to basic falconry suitable for everyone, convinced of the possibility of being able to offer anyone who is curious about this world, the opportunity to interact with these splendid animals by creating educational courses, in which the basics of raptor management will be explained , its use in the workplace, but above all the respect and care for it. They will give the possibility to handle  the falcon, aware of the rare occasions in which this is possible and will hold some falconry courses. See also page activity.

Le Driadi

FairyTiche will work to create wonderful hairstyles free of charge. It will offer a unique catalog with braids of various types and with new fantasy compositions, free of charge.

Katia Simonetti
Katia Simonetti

Sunday 23 June from 10.00 to 20.00, V Triskell Bodypainting Contest. Body painting event on models by expert body painters. Evening parade on stage and awards ceremony as per regulation. Theme: " Litha. The Summer Solstice " .

See Body Painting page.

Litha celebrations and
of the night of San Giovanni

Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd June after fire juggling, the celebration of Litha (the Summer Solstice) will be held first, and then of the Night of St. John. With the Priestesses of the clans present.

The Storytellers

Friday 28 June at 5.00 pm .

The Storytellers ” of the Circle of Fairy Tales. Entertainment for children, teenagers and dreamers with bardic tales, fairies and Irish stories. With Rainbow Fairy, Flower Fairy and Joyful Fairy. At the stone circle.

The tales of Moon Fairy

Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th June at 4.00pm .

The fairy tales of Moon Fairy and the Elf Àranel Enchanted and fantastic fairy tale readings for children: from fairies to unicorns and from gnomes to the white deer. An hour of entertainment with storytelling dedicated to fantasy legends and Nature Spirits, suitable for children aged 3/4 years onwards.

Appointment connected to the Ecofesta. At the stone circle.

Rito di Unione tra due Capo Clan

Saturday 22 June at 8.00 pm .

For the first time in the history of the Triskell Celtic Festival, we will be able to witness the union ritual between two clan leaders.
Denise Cannas , of the druidic clan "Lough Gur" and Nicola Cricxos Lettiero , of the clan of re-enactors "Three Dragons", after having shared for years the spiritual and historical culture of the ancient Celts offering the public glimpses of an ancestral world, will join with the blessing of the elements.
It will not just be a re-enactment as an end in itself, but rather a consecration of their marriage, merging into a collective rite between the sacred and the warrior parts.
The clans and historical groups of the Triskell will be present to honor their union and obviously the invitation is open to anyone who wants to come by to witness and share a moment that will go far beyond the re-enactment, even simply to make a wish, a song, a gift or even just raising the horn overflowing with mead to the sky for the sacred spouses.
Slainte! Wolf Mac Ajvar

Fata Foglia
Fata Foglia.jpg

from Friday 21st to Thursday 27th June

The welcome return of Erika Fumagalli, aka Leaf Fairy, who will enchant travelers in the paths of the Boschetto by surprise, with the notes of her magical Celtic harp. With its iridescent wings and its dress that recalls the colors and charm of nature. The improvised notes coming from the Celtic harp will be a vehicle for well-being, relaxation and inner peace. He will also hold individual Harptherapy sessions, to release stress, tension and for the harmonization of the subtle bodies. Minimum bid of €5.00.

During the Festival, in addition to holding two workshops on introduction to the Celtic Harp for adults and children, the notes of his harp will also accompany the celebrations of Litha, the Summer Solstice, the rite of the Night of Saint John, and various Unions with Celtic Rite.

Compagnia San Giorgio e il Drago

Sunday 30 June from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00. The unmissable magical adventures of Harry Potter, for 360° family involvement.
Interactive entertainment day for children aged 5/6 to 14/15 years. Some parents will be able to actively participate and be dressed as Death Eaters.
Reservations are recommended as the maximum number of registrations is 120 children per session and places fill up easily.


For each game session, a donation is required for the entertainers, including full dressing, of €12 per child if paid by bank transfer. (- €3)
Registration can also be done on site, but the donation requested by the entertainers will be €15 instead of €12. (+ €3)
For parents involved in the game, participation will be free.

For all the detailed information, click on the Red Tower alongside.

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