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XXII Festival Internazionale di Musica e Cultura Celtica TRISKELL

From 22 to 31 July, the expected Celtic festival will be held in the splendid location of the Ferdinandeo. The whole program is online on the website, day by day and hour by hour, including the Itinerant Triskell.

XXII Triskell Celtic Festival

THE FESTIVAL - After the very successful edition of 2021, the milestone of the twenty-two years of life of the international festival of Celtic Music and Culture of Trieste arrives. The festival, born from the passion for an ancient world and very close to nature, has over the years exceeded one hundred thousand visitors and expanded its rich program, addressing families, children, young people and tourists in its ideal setting, the Boschetto del Ferdinandeo in Trieste. "The program of this twenty-second edition will see an even richer program with an engaging musical repertoire thanks to the return of foreign bands, even more space will be given to manual skills, art, animations, nature and spirituality without forgetting fun, play and sport, declares Elisabetta Sulli, president of the Uther Pendragon Association that organizes the event, and remembers that from 2020 the festival is plastic free Ecofesta supported by the environmental department of the FVG Region.

From 22 to 31 July, enthusiasts, curious and true Triskell lovers, will be able to immerse themselves for ten days in a rich program that traces the traditions and customs of the ancient Celts in contact with nature, and with the opportunity to participate in the numerous workshops, conferences, internships and engaging activities even for the little ones. The dances and music of the so-called Celtic areas remain the main dish that every year attracts a very large audience from all over Italy, as well as from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and beyond.

Also in this edition, the event enjoys the co-organization of the Municipality of Trieste, in particular the Department of Culture, Tourism, Events and Sport, the patronage of the Autonomous Region of the F.V.G., the support of the Department of Tourism of the Autonomous Region of F.V.G. and the Department of the Environment, the Banca Popolare di Cividale Group, the ASUIT, as well as Trieste Trasporti and the prestigious free patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Trieste and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of France.

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT - The Triskell music billboard is dedicated to Celtic music but has always been able to involve a very wide audience because it offers it through all its forms and nuances, from classic and traditional to the most modern, with a selection that is always attention on the part of the artistic direction and the desire to offer the public quality music but also art, entertainment and spirituality, expanded in the offer as per primary objective, to extend the musicality to the Nordic, pagan, medieval, folk genres.

The return of foreign bands reconfirms the internationality of the Festival: two bands from Holland will perform, one from Scotland, one from French Brittany, one from Germany, one from Slovenia and one from Slovakia.

To inaugurate the bill on the night of July 22, the Daridel pagan folk, which present a Nordic Viking genre with wild and tribal tones. From Italy, we will then have guests such as Arthan Rebis, In Vino Veritas, Ragnarok, The Drifters, Emian and, for the review "Space for local groups", the Wooden Legs and To Loo Loose. Reconfirmed with the show of Irish dances for Saturday 23 July the Gens's d'Ys, the most famous Irish dance academy in Italy.

The German Malasañers, skilled in combining different Irish folk punk musical cultures with a touch of Spanish and a touch of rockabilly, will perform on Friday 22 July in the late evening after Daridel, with their Nordic / tribal folk genre; Saturday 23 the young winners of the Celtic Glasgow Connection Rhuval from Scotland, will take the stage with their contemporary Scottish folk music to the notes of the bagpipes, followed by the Irish dance show of the Gens D'Ys; Sunday 24 after the magic of the Celtic harp by Arthuan Rebis, exceptional musicians arrive, the Bretons Widilma, experienced artists of the musical scene in Brittany, for an evening dedicated to pagan / Celtic / Nordic folk. Monday 25 medieval sounds with the highly acclaimed In Vino Veritas, while Tuesday 26 for the review "Space for Local Groups" the Irish rock of To Loo Loose. Wednesday 27, north viking pagan evening, with Ragnarök Duo followed by Emian Pagan folk; Thursday 28 will perform The Drifters, virtuoso musicians with Irish folk and Nordic Scandinavian music; Friday 29 July will be the turn of the Dutch Pyrolysis, a young and dynamic acoustic folk band, followed by the return of Pyrates!, A band from the Netherlands much loved by the Triskellian people. Saturday 30 July for the "Space for Local Groups" in prime time, the energetic Wooden Legs, followed by the Slovenian band of the talented Noreia. To close the festival on Sunday 31 July, the Slovak Irish Rose with Irish trad music.

Numerous side shows will thrill the festival audience again this year. To give a suggestive touch to the evenings of the Triskell we find Vassago, with his contact juggling and fire perfomance show entitled "B.I.O.S: Burning Idols Over the Stars" which will be all ten evenings, and will perform at the end of the concerts, and Fata Foglia with his Celtic harp, for the first four days of the festival.

The fourth edition of the Bodypainting Triskell Contest continues, the art of painting bodies, which will have as its theme: "The Mysteries of Avalon", dedicated to the Arthurian cycle but also to all the spirituality that orbits around the magic of the ancient island of Avalon.

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ENTERTAINMENTS AND WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES - The magical setting of the Boschetto del Ferdinandeo will also in this edition become the perfect setting for many activities dedicated to children, families and anyone wishing to recover the spontaneity of childhood. Using your hands, being amazed, creating, imagining, dreaming and having fun will be the watchwords of the many workshops and animations dedicated to children. The most anticipated event this year too will be the animations of the Company of San Giorgio and Il Drago, which will be held on both Saturday 30 and Sunday 3 July, on Harry Potter with four animations with different themes. Children and parents can immerse themselves in this fun interactive game / show reliving the adventures of "Harry Potter" from 11 to 13 and from 15 to 17.

The fantastic world will also be the protagonist of the workshops of the Enchanted Garden of Greta which will take place for the duration of the festival and which will involve young and old in the creation of lucky unicorns, mischievous witches, gnomes, elves, potions, pendants, unicorns, fairy doors, dragons and much more through the modeling of polymer clay. Children and adults alike will be able to learn how to make magic wands with Jordy, the craftsman from Wolfy's Garden. or immerse yourself in the herbs and spells of the Potter world. At the Circle of Fairy tales the "Tales of stories", bardic tales and Irish stories with Fairy Rainbow by MacAjvar.

There will be sporting events, with the discipline of the bow together with the ASD Dragon Rouge, where the shooting tests will be free and free, the "VIII Alasdair Trophy" for children up to 12 years and adults and the "III Triskell Tournament" friendly competition of dynamic archery, open to archers registered with any federation, where different categories of Archery will meet. archery, sword and shield workshops for children with the Three Dragons Cultural Association, Fata Foglia will hold arpatherapy sessions with her Celtic harp, three stages of dances from the Celtic, Scottish and Irish areas with Gens d ' Ys and the MacMulz Clan, and again falconry as a novelty of the festival, with the Falconieri della Ginestra, who will offer various courses.

CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND OPEN AIR ACTIVITIES - A rich calendar of conferences and historical insights with expert speakers, journalists and writers, will allow curious and enthusiasts to deepen and retrace the traditions, culture and spirituality of these ancient peoples who also inhabited the our territories. We will have a series of conferences on different topics organized by the Cultural Association Aes Torkoi, a conference by the researcher and writer Fausto Del Pin, on the etymological inconsistencies found both in Italian and in the Friulian language, two conferences by Fabio Calabrese, while the Clan del Toro will resume the conference on ancient bread making. It will be possible to approach the manual skills of the ancient Celts by working clay, leather, herbs and incense and in the realization of Celtic knots and oleolites thanks to the members of the MacAjvar clan. The public will then be able to learn dance steps in safety, Breton, Scottish or Irish, shoot with the historical bow, duel with the sword, walk the labyrinth of Artos to relax the mind or discover live how bread was made in those days, such as also let the priestesses of the Arcane Garden predict the future with runes and oracles at the Stone Circle in the grove.

ARCHERY AND VIII ALASDAIR TROPHY - Competitions for junior and senior category. In addition, tests, demonstrations and archery courses throughout the week organized by the ASD Dragon Rouge.

Homage to love as the ancient Celts lived it, immersed in nature, with the celebrations of the Unions with Celtic rite, which every year are very successful among couples of all ages, and which will be celebrated this year by Bridge Macjvar and Atanvarniee , also in the Friulian language.

In addition, historical tents, encampments, battles