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Erin's Heartbeat

" Dance and music of the Emerald Isle "...
... Traveling Triskell - Prelude to the Triskell ...

Sunday 10th July

in Trieste

in the Piazzale delle Milizie del

San Giusto Castle

seats by TicketPoint reservation only (€ 10.00)

Event included in the Trieste Summer 2022 program in collaboration with the Municipality of Trieste,
for promotion at the XXII International Festival of Celtic Music and Culture Triskell ,
which will be held at the Boschetto del Ferdinandeo from 22nd to 31st July.


Dance and music of the Emerald Isle


Erin's Heartbeat . A unique show of dance and live music that will take you to Ireland, the Green Island, the Emerald Isle of exceptional natural beauty and cultural diversity. From the cheerful atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub, with the mystical melodies of the Celtic world, to the pompous creations of dance music, from Irish vivacity to Celtic dream. The development and diversity of Irish dance and music over time is presented by the collaboration between the Irish School of Dance SIP and the musical group Noreia, both from Ljubljana.

ŠIP - Šola Irskega plesa

The idea of the dance school was born from the Irish Joan Mcintyre, who lived for several years in Ljubljana in Slovenia. After her return to Ireland a few years ago, the school's management was taken over by Karja Granda. Since its opening in 2005, the school has offered Irish dance classes that can be followed by people of all ages.


​Noreia is a band made up of five expert musicians who play Irish, Scottish and Breton melodies, but not always in a traditional way. Recently, the group has actively integrated the Celtic tradition with the national one, Slovenian folk music, creating a unique and recognizable style. It boasts collaborations with many well-known names in Irish music: Donal Lunny, Tola Custy, Donncha & Diarmaid Moynihan, Maurice Lennon and many more.


ŠIP - Šola Irskega plesa : Katja Granda - Leader and teacher plus 25 dancers.

Noreia are:

Ana Novak - Violin, vocals;

Gašper Š inkovec - Guitar, accordion, vocals:

Stanči Š karija - Double bass, voice;

Anej Ivanusa - Wooden flute, whistle, galician bagpipes vocals;

Robert Bone - Clarinet, whistles, piano, uillean pipes, vocals.

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