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St. George

and the Dragon

San Giorgio e il Drago at Triskell Celtic Festival

The company "San Giorgio e il Drago" has been creating educational projects since 1989, making the material, costumes and sets available. There will be two days dedicated to children from 5/6 years to 14/15 who, at first dressed and "armed" properly, and then will find themselves immersed in the world of Harry Potter, and in the history of the Witch Hunters, to carry out incredible missions and unprecedented, with twists and turns and with the involvement of some parents!


Reservations are recommended due to the rapid exhaustion of available places (max 120 children per session). A contribution of € 8.00 per child is required.

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A day dedicated to children aged 5/6 to 14/15 who, at first will be properly dressed and "armed" with magic tools, and then will find themselves immersed in the world of the most famous wizard in history and in the adventurous world of magic of Hogwarts, to carry out incredible and unprecedented missions, and then find yourself in the stories of the Witch Hunters


ANIMATION Day 1. 15.00-17.00 Harry Potter - Part 1a.

Arrival and dressing. Assignment of children to houses through the Sorting Hat. Once the division is finished, each group of professors will take their students and take them to the Competition Field by placing them in a circle. Presentation of the professors and entry of Professor Mc Granit. Presentation of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Book. Appearance in the Field of the One who is not to be Named. Departure for the Horcrux Hunt. The town will be called Hogsmade and the street in which it will move will be Diagon Alley. Retrieve some Horcruxes, but others will be conquered by the Dementors. Abduction of Dumbledore. Grand finale and farewell.


ANIMATION of Day 2 . 11.00-13.00 Harry Potter - Part 2a.

Arrival and Dressing as day 1. Presentation of the professors and summary of what happened the previous day. Quidditch and Spell Creation Tournament. Professor Umbridge with an Inquisition team will continue to ban magic and spells. Professor Umbridge will proclaim herself Headmaster of Hogwarts with Teaching Decrees that will dictate obsolete and very restrictive rules, which children and teachers will not be willing to respect. Once the tournament is over, the children and the teachers will rebel and decide to go and get Dumbledore back and defeat Voldemort. Departure to search for Voldemort. Arrival at the Ministry of Magic. Great final battle. Farewell, Photos and Celebrations.


ANIMATION of Day 2 . 15.00-17.00 The Witch Hunters. News for Trieste.

"Everything is ready for the coronation of Her Majesty the Queen. All the Peoples including Wizards, Fauns, Elves and Goblins, have flocked to the great ceremony, but during the feast, the scepter is stolen from the hands of the sovereign and obscure darkness envelops the Kingdom ...

It will soon be discovered that it is all the work of the fearsome witches of the "GREAT BLACK COUNCIL".

Great Bramble Processionary Witch: Nature against Nature , thanks to her power she controls swarms of insects that devour plantations, floods, earthquakes.

Gramegna Witch with Long Thorns: Deforestation ; through potions and infusions he pushes children and the inhabitants of the Earth to tear flowers and plants, cut trees, break bushes, tear bark, cut down forests to build.

Muscaria, the Woman of the Marshes: Pollution : with her arts she pollutes the air, water and earth with oils, gases and chemical materials of all kinds, irreparably killing the flora and fauna.

Black Witch, the Plague Lord, and many other Witches who with various hits and counter-spells, will be defeated to restore peace and prosperity to the Queen's Kingdom.

Grant, Photos and Celebrations.

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To register for the interactive game sessions, click on the donation button.


For each game, a donation for dressing of € 8.00 is required.


If you want to enroll the child in more games, it will therefore be necessary to indicate the quota multiplied by the number of games (1, 2 or by 3), taking care to send the details of the registered child via email: name, surname, age and which game and day will participate.


( Example : Mario Rossi 8 years old, "Harry Potter", Sunday 1st August).


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