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Vincenzo Zitello

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Tuesday 6 July

in Trieste

in the Piazzale delle Milizie del

San Giusto Castle

seats by TicketPoint reservation only (€ 10.00)

Event included in the Trieste Summer 2021 program in collaboration with the Municipality of Trieste,
for promotion at the XXI International Festival of Celtic Music and Culture Triskell ,
which will be held at the Boschetto del Ferdinandeo from 23 July to 1 August.

vincenzo zitello

Concert of Celtic Harp and Bardic Harp


Vincenzo Zitello Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Concertist among the most important harpists in the world, and the first pioneer of the Celtic Harp in Italy, he began his musical studies as a violinist, violoncelist and flutist at a very young age, his training was of a classical type, which he has progressively expanded, through an articulated artistic path that has led him to deepen different languages ​​and musical styles, to then obtain an expressive and personal result that affirms a new and unmistakable personal musical identity.

Vincenzo Zitello's music follows a precise research orientation that aims to enhance the unsuspected potential that dwells between the strings of his harps. In concert he uses two that are played alternately, the Celtic harp and the Clarsach harp, two instruments of the Gaelic tradition with different sound and expressive characteristics.

The concert presents the new album entitled "MONSTERS AND PRODIGS", released on his Telenn label, where once again his Celtic and Bardic harp is the master. An album born in a period of pandemic, composed with a more decisive intensity, in which the artist wondered what emotions he wanted to communicate in a moment like this, so he thought that the figures of the medieval bestiary, from which he drew inspiration, embodied well this time of "monstrosity" and uncertainties that waver, without abandoning themselves in the dark, trying to grasp the luminous aspect of the monstrous, so as to grasp its "prodigy", transposing a sound of hope into the songs.

Music dictated by the heart, on Celtic and Bardic harp, and harp with metal strings, with variations and virtuosity that invariably kidnap and enchant every listener.


Vincenzo Zitello, concert composer, began studying music at a very young age playing the violin, flute, and since 1972 the viola and cello, at the "G.Donizetti" Civic School of Music in Sesto San Giovanni.

First popularizer and pioneer of the Celtic harp in Italy since 1977 he devoted himself to his study, he attended the Celtic harp stage at the "Ti Kendal'h" in Brittany with Dominig Bouchaud. and Mariannig Larc'hantec, and in Italy with The Classical Harpist Lisetta Paleari in Monza.

1980 he studied with Alan Stivell in Harp Bardica (Clarsach) and Gaelic and Britonnic singing.

1985 he forms the duo “ASCIARA” with Saro Cosentino they record a single produced by Franco Battiato published by EMI elaborating traditional Irish and Breton songs sung in the original language, winning the "Gondola D'Argento" prize at the 1985 International Pop Music Show.

1987 publishes his first CD "ET VICE VERSA" entirely dedicated to original compositions for harp Bardica (Clarsach), published by "Stile Libero" Virgin, this work is the first album recorded in Italy dedicated to the Celtic harp.

1988 he publishes his second always with original compositions Cd "KERIGMA" CBS Epik series today Sony Music and presented at the "Tenco Award" in Sanremo, "Kerigma" was released simultaneously in USA, Canada, Australia by the Narada record label (Sona Gaia ) with the title "Euphonia".

1994 his third Cd "La Via" with original compositions is published, published by DDD / BMG Ariola and the following year it is published throughout Europe.
On the occasion of the tribute to Fernanda Pivano in Conegliano Veneto, he accompanied the poet Allen Ginsberg in one of his reading.

In the same year he composed an "Ave Maria" for the Pauline Editions which he presented live at "Eurhope" together with the singer Rossana Casale, Franco Parravicini and Federico Sanesi, in Loreto, in the presence of Pope John Paul II.

1998 he made and released his fourth CD entitled "AFORISMI D'ARPA", with original compositions published by RTI .MUSIC. (Sony Music)

2000 He composes for the formation Musica Caeli Tosca voice, Riccardo Tesi accordion, Mario Arcari oboe, Stefano Melone piano, Vincenzo Zitello celtic harp and voice, Franco Parravicini guitars, Federico Sanesi percussions,) for the Cd "Concerto per il Giubileo" published by Famiglia Cristiana Pasqua 2000 the songs "Introibo, Pater Noster, Magnificat, Agnus Dei, Angelus Dei, Kyrie Eleison, Salve Regina".

2001 He publishes the Cd Live “CONCERTO” for the Felmay label with his Trio formed by Franco Parravicini guitars and Federico Sanesi Tala and percussions.

2003 the Fonoteca di Parma publishes the recording of a concert held in its headquarters in Trio in 1997 entitled "Ottoarmonico"

2005 he publishes his sixth CD "SOLO" with original compositions entirely played on Celtic and Bardic harps.

2007 He releases his seventh CD "ATLAS" with original compositions.

2010 He holds a Master Class at the Parma Conservatory with the classical harp teacher Emanuela Degli Esposti.

He was part of the jury of the “prix du Trophée de Harpes Camac at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2010”.

In 2011 he released his eighth cd "TALISMAN" with original compositions entirely dedicated to the Bardic harp (Clarsach).

In 2014 he held a Harp Master Class at the Pesaro Conservatory with the classical harp teacher Katia Bovio. He publishes his ninth cd "INFINITO" Album on the four seasons and the four elements, with original compositions.

2017 He publishes his tenth cd "METAMORPHOSE XII" Double album with original compositions consisting of one cd only harp the other with orchestra and 21 guest musicians, in the same year he collaborates with the percussion class of the Como conservatory with the teacher Paolo Pasqualin ,

2018 Participates in Alan Stivell's CD “HUMAN-KELT”.

2019 releases his 11th album "ANIMA MUNDI" with 22 original compositions dedicated to the major arcana of the Tarot. 2019 publishes his 12th album "MONSTERS AND PRODIGS" with 8 original compositions dedicated to the medieval bestiary.



"Gondola D'Argento" Award at the 1985 Asciara International Light Music Show

"2003 Prize Award in memory of Roberto Gritti, founder of the Zanni, for the commitment and work carried out in favor of traditional popular music awarded at the Isola folk Suisio Festival.

"2004 Prize as Emeritus Harpist of Irish music in the context of the concert“ Homage to Dereck Bell, in Monza.

"Wellness Award" For music from the City of Ischia 2009 ".

"Celtic Prize 2012" For the commitment and work carried out in favor of the diffusion of the Celtic Harp in Europe.

"Premio Arpa di Viggianno 2012 Comune di Viggiano" for the commitment and the work done to the rebirth of the Viggianese harp.

"Prize" Protagonists in Music 2012 municipality of Terzo and Acqui Terme "for the commitment and work carried out in favor of the diffusion of the Celtic Harp.

"Prize" Pavone D'oro Canavese 2012 "for the commitment and work carried out in favor of the diffusion of the Celtic Harp and traditional culture.

"Acustology Award 2017" For the work carried out in favor of the diffusion of the Celtic Harp in Europe.

"Celtic Award 2018" "The Dispenser of Dreams"

















1974 With Franco Battiato he is part of the “Loom Magnetico” group (as a violist).

1979 to Francesco Magni's album "The Land of Liars".

1978/1982 Forms the harp and oboe duo with Roberto Mazza.

1984 participates in Nicola Frangione's project “Italic Environments” composing the piece “Nembo verso Nord” for Arpa Bardica (Clarsach) and Tabla Fabio Petrocchi and Tampoura Livio Consagra, LP disc present in all contemporary art museums in the world.

1986 Writes with Saro Casentino the song "Nuvole Rosse" from the album "Parck Hotell" for the singer Alice.

1988 to the Underground life album "Gloria Mundi". (as a Violist).

1988 Participates in Ivano Fossati's album "La Pianta del Te" and in his tour.

1990 to the Quiet Force album "The Maior and Minor Things".

1990 Participates in the theatrical representation of the Greek tragedy of Aeschylus "The Persians" with music by Franco Battiato and directed by Mario Martone, at the Greek theater of Syracuse INDA.

1991 on the Cd of Mario Castelnuovo "How will my son be".

From 1991 to 1993 he collaborated on Ivano Fossati's CDs "Discanto", "Lindberg" participating in the tours of the Ligurian singer-songwriter and in the recording of two lives "Buontempo" and "Carte da decifrare" at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona.

1993 Participates in the albums "La Mappa Del Nuovo Mondo" by Teresa Desio and with The Gang "Storie D'Italia".

1993 Writes the song "Songe Gaelique" for the CD "Heol Dur" by the duo D'arpa Celtica and oboe Dominig Bouchaud and Cyrille Colas. He composes with Franco Parravicini Guitars and Gerardo Cardinale Recorder, the piece “Oceano” for the CD “Canto D'amore” by Cardinle Parravicini.

1994 to the Cd of Claudio Rocchi "Claudio Rocchi".

1995 on the Cd of the Pho "Amici per semper", He writes the music for Tosca, Text Grazia di Michele, of the song "Josephine" for the cd "Incontri e passi" winner of the Tenco award 1996 interpreters, In 1995 he writes the music for the show theatrical "The Beat Generation" realizing a CD with the actor performer Massimo Arrigoni with the musicians Federico Sanesi Tabla and percussion, Tobia Winter guitar, Stephen James Sarod and Violin, and the dancers Nuia Sala Grau and Jamila Zaki.

1996 Collaborates to the collective creation for four stringed instruments commissioned by the Concrete Art Museum of Mouas Sartoux (France) with the double bass player Barre Phillips, Patric Vaillant mandolin and Serge Pesce guitar.

In the same year he participates in the staging of the text by Stefano Benni, “Blues in sixteen”, Feltrinelli, in which Benni himself participated at the Teatro Ridotto in Bologna, directed by Renzo Filippetti. He collaborates with the Occitan group of Gai Sauber in the CD "Espirit de Frontiera"

1997 He composes the song "La Via Quartet" for the CD "Razz Matazz" for the Quartetto D'archi Borciani.

1998 Writes and plays for Alice the song "Isole" for her cd "Exit"

1999 Collaborates with Mario Arcari, Armando Corsi, Paolino Della Porta, Antonello salis, fulvio Maras, for the Cd "Il Viandante Immginario"

2001 on the Cd of Gaspare Bernardi "L'arco Terrestre".

2002 to the CD of the Luf "Ocio Ai Luf".

2003 with the group La Lionetta on the Cd "Arzan" and on the Cd of Tilioni "Unusually".

He collaborates on Dodi Battaglia's “D'Assolo” CDs, writing the song “Nord in Festa” and for the Vibrarpa duo, Raoul Moretti Arpa and Marco Bianchi Vibraphone he writes the song “Dragon Fly” for their CD “Scianti”.

In 2004 he collaborates on the CDs of Dino Betti Van DerNoot “Itaca”, Lou Dalphin entitled “L'oste Del Diau” and with Francesco Magni on the CD “Scigula” and with the Tao Alchemic lineup on the CD “Simphony”. In 2004 he collaborated with the Friulian formation La Sedon Salvadie on the CD "Il cielo D'Irlanda", developing a traditional song "Done Mari" and on the CD "A sud Dell'Anima" by Carmelo Salemi, writing the song "Cavi"

2005 on the Cd of Maurizio Camardi "Impronte".

2007 with Dino Betti Van DerNoot in the Cd "The Humming Cloud",

and by Roberto Tardito "Controvento", in the CD of the Luf "So Nahit'n val Camonega". He collaborates on the Cd "The Empire & The Rebellion" of the Colossus Project line-up, writing the song "My Tears forAlderan".

2008 on the CD Di Ivano Fossati "Modern Music" and on the CDs of Maurizio Piazza and Dj Brams "Tiakuraka", and with Francesco Magni on the CD "Balada del Balabiott", with Fabio Caucino on the CD "Passeggero dell'ima", CD by Dino Betti Van DerNoot "God Save The Earth",

2009 to the cd Di Beppe Barra "N'attimo" in the Cd of the Daal formation entitled "Disorganicorigami" and of the Lepricornes "La Figlia del vento".

In 2010 with the harp training of Tatiana Dedonis "Girotondo D'arpe" in the CD "Wandering Harps",

He writes for the Duo Millemiglia, Elena Cosentino Classical Harp and Mario Milani Accordion, the song "Sogni Gaelici" for the CD "A Musical Journey".

In 2011 with Yo Yo Mundi on the CD "Munfra" and with Maura Susanna on the CD "Terra Mia"

In 2012 in the CDs of Dino Betti Van DerNoot "September's new Moon", and with the Daal lineup in the CD "Dodecahedrom" and Andrea Zuppini in the CD "Zu Grooves 1", he collaborated with the National Rhythmic Gymnastics of Emanuela Maccarani. with the harp formation of Tatiana Dedonis "Girotondo D'arpe" in the CD "For Christman" with the song "Onde". In the CD of the Breton band Arz Nevez and Yves Rebis “entitled Canntaireachd” in the Irish song Caslean na nor.

In 2012 the piece of her composition "Dorado" was recorded by Emanuela degli Esposte on her CD entitled "Valse, Arabesque, Reverie, Ballade Berceuse".

2013 "Mat e Famat", ILUF, "Dreams are made on", Michelodeon "Bath salts"

2014 "Signs and Details" Andrea Mirò and Alberto Patrucco,

In 2015 with the Crohm group in the CD "Legend and Prophecy" and by Dino Betti Van DerNoot "Notes are but wind", the Folk Uaragnau "Primitivo" formation and with FLO Gaggiano in the CD "The month of the rosary",

In 2016 with the Fufluns group in the CD "Spaventa passeri", he collaborates with Laeti musicians Giovanni Galfetti organ and Carlo Bava Ciaramella and Cristina Pasquali Narrazione,

In 2017 he founded Progetto ZDL with Daniele Di Bonaventura Bandoneon and double bass player Carlo Della Manna, instant music project Cd ZDL "Nudo", Cd by Massimo Priviero "All'Italia", Cd by Dino Betti Van DerNoot "Ou Sont les Notes D ' Antan? " , Prowler on the CD “Navigli Riflessi”.

2018 participates in the Cd of Alan Stivell "Humam-Kelt", collaborates with the trio "The Magic Door" with Giada Colagrande and Arthuan Rebis thematic cd on the Alchemic door. Participation in the SkyHart program, ”by Dino Betti Van DerNoot Two ships in the night.

2019 Participates with two of his compositions at the 150th anniversary of the Federation of Italian Gymnastics, held at the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, accompanying the gymnasts of the national rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, Vanessa Ferrari and Alexandra Agiurgiuculese.

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