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Celtic Unions

Celtic weddings

The Unions with the Ancient Celtic Rite

All Celtic rite unions will be celebrated by Bridge MacAjvar,


except July 25 and those in Friulian, which will be celebrated by Atanvarniee.


Anyone wishing to join this ancient ritual can also request it during the festival at the Info-point.


To confirm the registration, a donation of € 10.00 is required for the celebrant.


Reservations recommended by 18 July at the headquarters of the association


at the New Age Center in via Nordio 4 / C in Trieste during shop hours (10.00-13.00 and 16.00-20.00),


or from 23 July directly to the Info-Point in the festival area.


For more information, write to:

Saturday 24 * and Sunday 25 *

from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 16.00 to 19.30

and Friday 30 *

from 10.00 to 12.30 from 16.00 to 19.30

Saturday 31 * and Sunday 1 *

from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 16.00 to 19.30

Celtic wedding


How to prepare for the "marriage" with an ancient Celtic rite


Joining with the Celtic rite is undoubtedly a not very common choice in Italy. This is a very old rite and its history dates back to the Druid era. It is also called "rite of sacred union" and was considered a contract that linked two families or two domains, or friendships, and did not always coincide with feelings. Before celebrating the ritual, the spouses had a nine-month "cohabitation" period, from 1 August to the following May 1, after which they decided whether to formalize the union or to dissolve the couple.


Anyone wishing to celebrate their union at the Triskell should follow these instructions.


The couple in the process of sacred union, seven days before goes to a forest or a meadow, can be in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea: here they weave together a white rope or ribbon with a red one, just under a meter long, (Goddess and God, Feminine and Masculine) representing their union and only with nature as their witness. Mutual promises are made which they will undertake to keep throughout the year, which the celebrant will make them confirm during the rite. The couple will also have to make offerings to nature on this occasion, to thank them for being their witness in this moment so important for their union. An apple broken in half or bread and a little water are enough to give to nature and the animals that populate it.

On the day of the rite, the couple is asked to each bring a little earth from their native "Land" (a small handful is enough), closed separately in two small squares of fabric tied not too tightly with a piece of ribbon or string. The two lands of origin will be united during the rite to symbolize the union of the spouses.

The couple will also have to choose a simple stone, which will be the receptacle of their historical memory. Once washed and purified, the energies and the memory of their family will be impressed by them through the touch, thus passing on the tradition and the stone itself to future generations.

Then follow, the purification of the couple with the four elements and the confirmation of the promises made a week earlier. Finally there will be the union of the hands with the previously woven white and red ribbon, followed by the exchange of rings or other pledge, and then the consecration with mead (or other drink, not necessarily alcoholic, brought by them. ). Anyone who wishes can bring one or more witnesses with them, who will enter the circle with them. The chosen dress is totally free, and for those who feel the inspiration it is clearly appreciated the Celtic / fantasy style dress, tunic, flower crown, kilt or other. It's a day of celebration, so you can dress up however you like, in costume or not.


Reconfirmation of the union.


The promise of marriage with a Celtic rite, ideally provides for reconfirmation or natural dissolution after one year and one day. The couple who wish to confirm their union must bring with them: the stone that was consecrated as the altar of the union the year before, the red and white ribbon of the handfasting, the witnesses and a symbolic offering for Mother Earth a handful of seeds, cereals or legumes ... something that can sprout in the earth and create new life). If there are witnesses, their participation will be required at the beginning of the ritual. In this case, also have a small knife and a few meters of thin twine or wool or cotton thread, of any color. The rituals will follow as for the union of the previous year.




The unions, with an ancient Celtic rite, will be celebrated Bridge MacAjvar on Saturday 24, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August, while Sunday 25 June will be celebrated by Atanvarniee as those in the Friulian language, in honor of the ancient population of the Celts Karni settled in region. Anyone wishing to participate can do so by booking their ritual at the association or at the Info-point.

Final notes.


Celtic weddings will be celebrated only for couple unions.


If someone wants to dissolve a union celebrated with a Celtic rite before a year has passed, they can request the "dissolution of marriage" rite, always by reservation.



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