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Uther Pendragon

The Uther Pendragon Cultural Association takes its name from that ancient semimitica figure that was the Rhi di Cymru (the ruler of ancient British Wales) in the fifth century AD and father of the more famous King Arthur.

Obviously we deal with "celtism", rather than with the study and research side, with the organizational side; in the page of the "initiatives", inherent to our past, you can find all the events we have organized and those we have collaborated with.

The Uther Pendragon was founded in Trieste, in November 1999.

The idea was born of two of the founding partners Walter and Betty, who for a long time shared a passion for everything related to the Celtic world.

Determined more than ever to found a Celtic association also in Trieste, they contacted five friends to share their project: Stefano, a fan of the Arthurian saga; Ugo, a scholar of Celtic spirituality; Giuliano, professional archaeologist who participated in the excavations in Friuli Venezia Giulia as a testimony to the presence of the Celtic Meat settlements in our region; Muzio, a musician passionate about Celtic history and culture and Max, the expert in historical re-enactments.

From this group of friends the Uther Pendragon Cultural Association was born, which every year, even if with members now different from the founding ones, in addition to minor events, realizes the Trieste Celtic Festival Triskell every year in summer.

The name chosen for the Association, Uther Pendragon, takes its name from that ancient semimitica figure that was the Rhi di Cymru (the ruler of ancient British Wales) in the fifth century AD and father of the more famous King Arthur.

The association, more than the historical / cultural side of "Celticism", deals mainly with the organizational side of the Trieste Festival, and at the same time it plans for its members educational trips in the so-called "Celtic" lands in search of the cultural traditions of those countries , where the Celts left endless traces.

With the programming of the now well-known Triskell, he crossed the borders of Italy, becoming promoter of various musical groups that believed in the potential of the association itself. - See more at:

The Uther Pendragon Cultural Association has organized for 2014, a unique cultural project called Celtic Events F.V.G. -including both the International Festival of Music and Celtic Culture of Trieste Triskell, which the Halloween Fest ... from the dawn of Samhain-, and made use of several partners such as:

Municipality of Trieste, Municipality of Osoppo, Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Trieste, Honorary Consulate of France in Trieste, Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Trieste, Celtic Project srl, Ass. Cult. Deer Clan, Gens d'Ys, ASD Dragon Rouge, Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi, Ass. Cult. Silikon Cafe, Ass. Cult. The DardO and the Santa Barbara Philharmonic.

Celtic Events F.V.G., enjoyed the collaboration of Radio Punto Zero TreVenezie, official radio of the project.

The Celtic Events Project F.V.G. has enclosed these two events, with the aim of spreading the ancient Celtic cultural traditions, which are linked above all to the division of the Wheel of the Year, a calendar in which certain dates were considered "sacred" for those populations, such as June 21 for Summer Solstice (Litha), and on October 31 Samhain (Halloween), and to report to them the right placement and recognition. A single regional cultural project in stages.

Once the experimental project was completed, the name of Celtic Events was maintained to widen the 360​​°.