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The afternoons from of Saturday 22nd and from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th June from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in the area dedicated to archery in the grove, where it will be indicated, there will be a two-hour course with Roberto Cappellina, qualified instructor of ASD Dragon Rouge. Mandatory registrations. Cost €10.00 per person, for a maximum of 8 people.*

On the afternoons of Saturday 22nd and from Monday 24th to Friday 28th June from 4pm to 8pm, free archery practice will be held for everyone. In the protected and dedicated area, in the grove below.

Sunday 23 June morning, "V Triskell Tournament". Friendly dynamic archery competition, open to archers registered with any federation. Meeting at 9.30 am and starting at 10.00 am until around 1.00 pm. Registration for the race €10.00.



The 5th Turneo Triskell, will be held at Campo Gaja in Padriciano 185 (Trieste)

Bow categories allowed:

Historic Arch

Historic shape

Free arc

Maximum 60 lbs


I amforbiddenin all categories the following accessories incompatible with dynamic shooting:

Rocker Arms and Stabilizers

Berger Button

Mechanical releases

Sights or aiming aids



​Senior Male

Senior Female

Junior (Single Category) 16 years old

Saturday 29 June from 16.00 "X Alasdair Trophy". Archery tournament for Juniores up to 12 years of age. Award ceremony at the end of the tournament on the concert stage. By the Ass. Dil. Sport. Dragon Rouge.


​Sunday 30 July from 4.00 pm "X Alasdair Trophy”. Archery tournament for Seniors category. Award ceremony at the end of the tournament on the concert stage. By the Ass. Dil. Sport. Dragon Rouge.In the new area dedicated to archery in the grove.

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After having participated in Triskell for many editions as creator and manager of The Bulldogs Compagnia Arcieri Trieste, for a year Rob Roy has officially joined ASD Dragon Rouge, an association that has been collaborating in the organization of the festival for years, also participating in various events Celtic in Italy. Also on this occasion they will make their experience available to all those who want to try their hand at the art of archery. This year, in addition to the free and free archery trials, Rob Roy will hold individual courses for those interested.

ASD Dragon Rouge will help raise funds for charity for a chosen cause in the near future.

9th Alasdair Trophy



X Alasdair Trophy", Archery Tournament for Juniores and Seniors categories.

In memory of dear friend and partner Alessandro Coretti, who passed away in 2015.

Awards at the end of the tournament on the concert stage.

By the Ass. Dil. Sport. Dragon Rouge.

ASD Dragon Rouge

Sword for children with the Tre Draghi

​Saturday 29 June at 6.00 pm

​"Celtic sword and shield course for children (with scaled equipment)."

By the Ass. Cult. Three Dragons. In the historical field.

Pre-registration required, up to a maximum number of 10 children aged 5 to 8-10.

Javelin throw for boys, with the Clan Tre Draghi

​Sunday 23 June at 6.00 pm

"Lancia del Giavallotto" (with leather tip).

By the Ass. Cult. Three Dragons. In the historical field.

For children aged 12 and over.


Falconry demonstrations


The Falconieri della Ginestra are an independent falconry group active in the province of Parma since 2016.

Born from the incomeeting between bird control professional friends and birds of prey enthusiasts, who together decide to join and participate in various initiatives (including historical re-enactments and thematic festivals) offering the public not shows, but a direct approach to basic falconry suitable for everyone , convinced of the possibility of being able to offer anyone who is curious about this world the opportunity to interact with these splendid animals by creating educational courses, in which the basics of the management of the bird of prey are explained, its use in the workplace, but above all the respect and the care of it. They will also offer the possibility to handle  the falcon, aware of the rare occasions when this is possible. They love to chat with anyone who wants to satisfy curiosities about the world of falconry and we are ready to share their passion with you!


Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd, Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, at 11.30am,

4.00pm and 5.30pm

Based on requests, other courses will be added on different days and times, which will be decided from time

to time.

"Approach course to falconry"

The basic course is structured for those interested in approaching the noble art of falconry and lasts about an hour. Registration for up to 20 people per session. A donation of €8.00 per participant is required. Children up to 12 years can participate for free, but must be accompanied by their parents.

Registration at the association's headquarters in via Nordio 4/C in Trieste, on site at the Triskell infopoint, or if you want to grab the place, write to us at: Then you will make the donation directly to the infopoint.


During the two days, you can do:

"Photos with falcons"

Anyone who wants it can be photographed with the falcons, with a free offer.


"Falcon feathers"

Interested parties will be able to choose a pen from among those lost from the pack of falcons,

always with a free offer.


The offers (non-profit) go to support the maintenance of the animals.


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