Harry Potter

San Giorgio and the Dragon at the Triskell Celtic Festival, for a POTTERIAN weekend! 4 completely different stories in two days.

The company "San Giorgio e il Drago" has been creating educational projects since 1989, making the material, costumes and sets available. There will be two days dedicated to children from 5/6 years to 14/15 who, at first dressed and "armed" properly, and then will find themselves immersed in the world of Harry Potter to carry out incredible and unprecedented missions, with spells and blows on stage and with the involvement of some parents!

Reservations are recommended due to the rapid exhaustion of available places (max 120 children per session).

Potter blu 30 luglio.jpg
  4 different themes in two days,
for an exceptional Potter weekend.
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For  to register for the interactive game sessions, click on the donation button.

For each game a donation of € 10 is required for 2 hours of entertainment,

fee which also includes dressing.

If you want to enroll the child in more games, it will therefore be necessary to indicate the quota multiplied by the number of games (1, 2, 3 or 4), taking care to send the details of the registered child via email: name, surname, age and which session he will participate in (morning or afternoon, of one or both days).