Initiatives of the festival, in favor of the environment.

Since the twentieth anniversary, Triskell has become Ecofesta plastic free, to make a tangible contribution in banning plastic and to contain, as far as possible, its devastating effect on Planet Earth and on all forms of life.

Respect for the environment has its roots in ancient cultures including that of the Celts, characterized precisely by the great respect for Mother Earth.
The multitude of known Celtic tribes perfectly integrated the archetypically masculine warrior nature on the one hand and a relationship of deep bond and respect with nature and the environment, archetypically feminine, on the other. This is contained in an ecological vision of the world in a harmonious and respectful interaction with the environment.

When you have become aware that "we are the Earth", that the Earth is a living planet that vibrates at certain frequencies, with its rhythms and cycles of the Seasons and that man is not only a passing guest, but has the important task of being its precious Guardian to safeguard its ecosystem, humanity will have made a great leap forward.




In this regard, being an Ecofesta supported by the FVG Region, the Triskell proposes within it, targeted events, aimed at raising awareness of the Environment.


Children's workshops :


Sunday 20 June at 4.00 pm "Water Creatures. Nymphs, Undines and Sirens". Learn to draw. Free workshop for children, with the designer Paola Ramella of the Zerocinque school of comics in Trieste. The theme was chosen on purpose to sensitize children to safeguard nature, explaining through manual skills how important are the rivers, waterways and seas of our planet for the entire ecosystem, the natural environment of fascinating creatures to which respect.


Thursday 24 June from 16.00 to 17.00. Free workshop for children (up to 10 years), of environmental awareness. "The art of recycling in listening to the elements". With Katia Simonetti.

The Triskell slogan is: #faifestamausalatesta