Artisti Triskell 2019

Musical groups

22 July Friday

Daridel (ITA)


Daridel is a paganfolk band from northern Italy born in 2017, made up of five elements, ranging from delicate harp and flute melodies (as in their first album "Forest Folk"), to bagpipes and aggressive tribal rhythms of the second born, "PaganRoots".
The members of the band are guided and united not only by music, but by ideals, actions and a common lifestyle.
Different instruments come together to create new sounds, and tribal rhythms intertwine with sweet melodies. Flutes and harps tell of fairies and elves while aggressive bagpipes sing accompanied by the voice of the hurdy-gurdy and the great drums make the spirits dance. Bones beat, woods rub, horns sound, as in a frantic song of Nature. A continuous cycle of death and rebirth, made up of sweet and aggressive sounds that come together in a macabre song of life to the rhythm of the seasons.




Malasañers Promo Bild 2022.jpg

Irish folk punk with a touch of Spanish and a touch of rockabilly - this is probably the best way to describe the music of the band, originally founded in Madrid by their singer Carlos del Pino.

The group is named after Manuela Malasaña, a Spanish heroine in the fight against the occupation of Napoleon. The lyrics of their own compositions deal with the fight against social injustice, wanderlust and long nights in pubs, with the intent to inspire their fans to defend independence and freedom.

The band from Bamberg born in 2017, has two albums "Spanish Eyes" and "Footprints". In 2020 they record their single "Rise and Fall", staying true to their unique style and unmistakable sound.

Throughout their career, they have played with some of the greats of the Irish folk scene: from Fiddler's Green and The Mahones, to The Real McKenzies.
Theirs is a music to join the party by raising pints: get ready for the arrival of the Malasañers!


For the first time in Trieste, exclusively for Triskell.


23 July Saturday

Rhuvaal (SCO)


Originally from Argyll in Scotland, Rhuvaal is a traditional folk band, made up of 5 very young Scottish musicians.
Born as a ceilidh band in 2015, they have grown and developed over the past 5 years to become a band full of enthusiasm to make a mark on the traditional music scene.
After attending several summer festivals in Scotland in 2019, the band spent the winter months preparing and writing material for their debut EP - "Horizon".
In "Horizon", - "The Harbor" shows another aspect of Rhuvaal, and brings a different ending to the EP.
For the promotion of the EP, Rhuvaal recorded a video in early 2020, which garnered thousands of views across all of the band's social media platforms, as well as their website.

For the first time in Italy, exclusively for Triskell.



Gens d'Ys (ITA)


The Gens d'Ys led by Umberto Crespi take their dances all over Italy - from Milan to Rome, from Aosta to Trieste - in France, Switzerland, Germany and beyond. Thinking of the beginnings linked to tradition, the path followed is evident: in the wake of the exciting Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, the Gens d'Ys offer compelling performances and sparkling choreographies in which the study of the past is today a solid basis for the dynamism of rhythms more sustained.

The different moments of the show, punctuated by the frequent change of costumes, alternate folk dances with surprising reinterpretations of traditional steps performed with "heavy shoes".

The dances they present are both traditional and of their own creation.

For years they have been acclaimed regular guests of the Triskell, as well as partners of the Festival.

July 24 Sunday

Arthuan Rebis (ITA)


This live takes shape from Arthuan Rebis' third album, “ Sacred Woods ” (Black Widow Records 2021), and features Arthuan on Celtic harp, singing, nyckelharpa and wind instruments; and the host Nicola Caleo (Rune Raben / Timer Shine) on percussion and programming.

The show is a tribute to the Wood as a border place, between myths, symbols and invisible beings. Musical influences range from Celtic to Nordic music, to oriental influences, pagan folk, and even some new wave. With his projects and as a soloist, Arthuan has collected more than 1000 performances in Italy and abroad, and 8 albums. In his records we find guests such as Vincenzo Zitello, Mia Guldhammer, Glen Velez, Paolo Tofani. Since 2017 he is the author, composer and singer of The Magic Door group, together with Giada Colagrande. Since 2011 he is the author, musician, singer and producer of the Medieval Pagan Folk In Vino Veritas band.

In 2013 he published the book "Music and Wisdom, ancient musical traditions and spirituality" with Agorà & Co. He is the artistic director of events such as "Apua, Celtic and Dionysian festival of the Apuan Alps" and "Oltresuono".

Widilma (F)


WIDILMA is a new band created in Brittany in 2020. Widilma's music is inspired by historical and esoteric elements of Northwest Europe, inscriptions on stones, ogham, fragments of texts, triads and druidic verses, especially from people who have been named "Pretanic" ("The Painted Ones"), a Celtic people ...
Despite significant research, the process is mostly imaginary:
Widilma uses proto-historical or historical elements and reinterprets them in his own way.
Similarly, Widilma uses free reproductions of "primitive" instruments such as the Carnyx, the Dord (horn), the lyre and also incorporates the organic sounds of stones, bones, trees, shells and their own field recordings, as well as contemporary instruments. in their music.
Widilma's theatrical performance is completely original: a visual and sound trance, an immersion close to the cinematic experience.

For the first time in Italy, exclusively for Triskell.


In Vino Veritas (ITA)


IN VINO VERITAS is the band that received the most acclaim and likes at Triskell 2021.

Their sound is Pagan Medieval Folk and since 2010 they have performed in major medieval, Celtic, folk, pagan and alternative festivals, collecting more than 700 dates in many countries of Europe, including Croatia, Czech Republic, Brittany, France, Germany , Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and so on.

The first years of the group's activity are characterized by a lot of study and extensive research in philological fields relating above all to medieval and Celtic music. Subsequently the musicians begin to progressively contaminate their own sound, drawing from the specific and varied background of the individual members, to the point of bringing out a peculiar identity capable of mixing trance rhythms, airy melodies, Nordic sounds and warm folk-rock harmonies.

They return as the most voted band, to re- present BESTIARIUM .

​​ In Vino Veritas


July 25 Monday
July 26 Tuesday

To Loo Loose (ITA)

To Loo Loose.jpg

One evening 27 years ago, 5 friends, lovers of beer and Irish folk music, meet. To Loo Loose are born, the name comes out easily, between a beer and a few goliardic laughs, with self-irony, the term "Tululù" is Englishized which in the Triestino dialect means "foolish and inexperienced person". They have participated in the Triskell Celtic Festival since its debut proposing, among the first in Italy, a fascinating mix of songs from the Celtic tradition and authentic rock arrangements. They enjoy grafting, in fact, on the popular arias of Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, carried out with wisdom by the most common instruments in Irish pubs (banjo, violin and guitar), the robust sounds of bass, drums and electric guitars, ranging from cajun to blues, from reggae to rap, from ballads to wild rhythms of Balkan derivation, creating songs in all respects original and unique, all sung with mastery inferior only to versatility.

Space review for local groups:  To Loo Loose

Alessandro and Davide are two Veronese multi-instrumentalists from Irish traditional and metal, with a decade of concerts behind them.

It is from their idea that the Ragnarök Duo - Viking & Nordic Folk was born, to offer a captivating North Atlantic pub repertoire and a vast choice of traditional North European songs in Scandinavian language; Icelandic, Modern Norse and Old Norse mix to create an epic atmosphere, culminating in the musical recitation of the poetic Edda, the main source of Norse mythology.

The reinterpretation of various groups - such as the Wardruna - and the soundtrack of the TV series Vikings, are accompanied by original Viking period instrumentation that blends with the modern and digital one, forging a suggestive and engaging performance.

Ragnarök Duo

July 27 Wednesday

Emian (ITA)


50 shades of Folk Music (Pagan • Tronic - Nordic • Dark • Neo • Trad). From Celtic culture to Northern European culture, starting from the Mediterranean area: the music of the Emian brings together the different popular languages. As a duo, they present themselves with the harp and the voice of Anna, which are thus enhanced and framed by the many instruments played by Emilio, giving the musical fabric a magical and intimate aspect, for an evening with a mystical atmosphere, pagan folk.


• 2021 Best Italian PaganFolk, Best Female Voice, Best Italian Male Voice, Best Italian Single, Best Italian Video, Best Tin Whistler and Best Show in the Musica Celtica Music Awards

• 2020 Best PaganFolk in the Celtic Music Music Awards

• 2015 Winners of the European Celtic Contest of the Montelago Celtic Festival

• 2013 Best Accredited Artist at the Ferrara Buskers Festival.

Emian Duo

July 28th Thursday

The Drifters (ITA)


Drif3's (“Drifters”) is a trio born in 2017 from the meeting of professionals from
wide experience of the Irish trad music field, which share the deep respect for tradition and the will to give a modern and captivating sound to ancient songs of centuries.

The flutist Tommaso Tornielli, has a noteworthy curriculum: passionate from an early age to Irish music discovered during a trip to the emerald island, he was kidnapped by the musical charm of flutists such as Matt Molloy, Kevin Crawford, Mike McGoldrick and Alan Doherty, which represented an important training basis for him. His album "1st" was accompanied by the personal appreciation of the famous flute maker Pat Olwell and the flutist Kevin Crawford of Lùnasa.

For some time now the trio has joined forces with a leading figure of the Irish Folk and Nordic Scandinavian scene, stable singer of the well-known bands Alban Fuam and Ragnarök - Nordic & Viking Folk: Alessandro Antonello.In this way, being able to count on a solid and vibrant accompaniment, the authentic voice of the ancient Gaels, the flute of the purest tradition alternate to lead the listener on a real journey with music and in music.

The Drifters

July 29 Friday

Pyrolysis (NL)


Pyrolysis is a young and energetic acoustic folk band. Although their self-produced songs are often a boost to Celtic folk music, influences from punk, gypsy and pirate music are also evident. Five enthusiastic young musicians, armed with bouzouki, accordion, bodhrán, violin and bass, play a solid, energetic, yet intimate and welcoming performance that takes their audience to a place where they can forget their pains.

Founded in 2012 as a metal band, it overtook folk punk to settle into acoustic folk. With this, the band shows that energy isn't just in volume; while the electric guitar has been mistaken for bouzouki and the drums for bodhrán, their songs are energetic as never before and danceable. Since its founding, Pyrolysis has released four discs: Remedy for the Night (2013), On Mountains High I Stand (2015), Edges of the Day (2017) and Daylight is Fading (2019).

For the first time in Italy, exclusively for Triskell.



Pyrates! (NL)

pyrates 2017 pic.jpg

The Pyrates, are an award-winning band of marauding musicians who sail from the shores of the old Dutch plains to turbulent ports around the world!
A true band of notorious buccaneers, who have branded folk music with their own pirate genre, on fellow pirates, on hapless landowners and across the UK, crossing the same seas! Skilled "balladeers" armed with guitar, bass, drums and violin, fully dressed in pirate costumes, ready to set sail from the dock! The Pyrates have recovered countless famous folk tunes from sailors of bygone eras, including seafaring songs, obscene ballads, light-hearted jigs, Irish chants, harbors songs, drunken songs and popular a cappella tunes, which are sure to make people stomp and sing, in no time at all! ARRRRR!


July 30 Saturday

Wooden Legs (ITA)


Wooden Legs is an Irish music band made up of five musicians based in Trieste, with over 10 years of experience on European stages. Their repertoire ranges from traditional ballads, special fusions of Jigs and Reels, to original compositions that blend folk atmospheres with unexpected sounds. From 2017 it is presented in a new line-up, and are characterized by powerful rhythms and a more gritty sound, reaffirming the goal of creating "Extreme Irish Music". However, the band remained true to their research into traditional Irish instrumental melodies and ballads.
They recently released their third studio album "Animals", which is the synthesis of their musical journey over the last few years.

For the review "Space for local groups", the local band among the most loved by the Trieste public, will open this evening-

Space review for local groups:  Wooden Legs

Noreia (SLO)


Noreia is an ensemble of five skilled musicians playing typical Irish, Scottish and Breton melodies, both traditionally and fully arranged. The band has actively combined the "Celtic" tradition with the legacy of Slovenian folk music which, by merging, create a unique and recognizable sound. Their repertoire is made up of instrumental pieces that incite the desire to dance: from joyful songs to beautiful traditional Irish ballads! The unique combination, mixed between Irish vivacity and dreamy Celtic notes, always manages to leave an imprint on the listener.
In recent years Noreia has performed in more than 500 concerts. In addition to playing in pubs, the band has conquered various Celtic festival stages, touching Ireland, Croatia, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Germany! One of the most important participations took place in the summer of 2017, when the band was chosen to perform in one of the largest Celtic music festivals: the Festival de Ortigueira (Galicia, Spain), in front of a crowd of 30,000 spectators for opening. of the festival.

They have collaborated musically with important names of the Celtic musical panomrama, such as Donal Lunny, Tola Custy, Diarmaid, Donncha Moynihan and many more!


July 31 Sunday

Irish Rose(SK)

irish rose.jpg

Irish Rose, is a band from Slovakia, which offers traditional Irish and Scottish songs arranged by them.

Currently they also have a rich repertoire of their own songs, always inspired by Celtic rhythms and melodies.

The 5-piece band formed in 2003 and the wonderful voice of  Evka fills the sound of the talented musicians on stage. They performed in numerous Celtic, country and folk music festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, right at Triskell in 2016, closing the festival on an evening of so strong bora wind, that they still remember it now. laughing about it.

Irish Rose has two albums to his credit: "Roses´ Dream" released in 2009 and "Long Way" from 2013.

Irish Rose