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The Unions with the Ancient Celtic Rite

  • Saturday 23 July at 5.00 pm Conference " Writing heroic fantasy ". A detailed biographical account of his activity as a writer of this narrative genre.  With Fabio Calabrese. At the stone circle.

  • Saturday 23 July at 6.15 pm " The Celts in Friuli Venezia Giulia ". Conference by the Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi, in which qualified historical reenactors will illustrate the main findings, the common life and the war aspect of this wonderful people, through their faithful reconstructions and decades of experience in experimental archeology. At the stone circle.

  • Sunday 24th July at 4.00 pm Conference " Baking in the time of the Celts" . With practical demonstration of the ancient techniques of baking with natural ingredients. By the Clan del Toro. In the historical field.

  • Sunday 24 July   at 18.00 Conference " The password of words " is the story a mathematical experiment born from the evidence of too many etymological inconsistencies found both in Italian and in the Friulian language. How minority languages in northern Italy have changed and the secrets they hide, including the similarities of the language that King Arthur spoke. With the Author Fausto Del Pin.

  • Monday 25 July at 18.00 " The Religion of the Celts ". The Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi proposes a conference focused on shedding light on what were the cults, rites and divinities venerated by the Celtic populations, with particular attention to those who resided in ancient times in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in the surrounding areas. At the stone circle.

  • Tuesday 26 July at 6.00 pm   " The Celtic roots of fantastic literature " . An extensive, rich and detailed essay by Fabio Calabrese. At the stone circle.

  • Wednesday 27 July at 6.30 pm Conference with Alessandro Antonello, singer of Ragnarök - Nordic & Viking Folk , assisted by the intervention of fellow musicians on the theme: " Scandinavia of the Viking era and the intertwining of Norse mythology and traditional music and current, which characterize this musical panorama ". Among the various topics there will be small spaces for listening to songs.

  • Thursday 28 July at 18.00 Interactive conference " The Irish tradition told by music" . The idea of the "workshop" was born precisely to encourage an encounter between musicians and the public, during which the music mixes with the words and the stories, the technique and the ideas that hide under the songs that are played emerge. The meeting will last about an hour and will be held by the flutist Tommaso Tornielli who, thanks to his twenty years of experience in the field of traditional Irish music, will play and tell, with the help of the Drifters, some typical songs of the Irish tradition.

  • Friday 29 July at 18.00 Conference “ Woman in ancient Celtic culture, between history and myth ” .  The Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi proposes a new conference on the civil and social aspects of the role of women in the civilizations of ancient times, with particular attention to the Celtic context .  At the stone circle.

  • Saturday 30 July at 18.00 " The ancient Celts, truths and myths to dispel ". After the success of the past years, the Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi proposes a conference on stereotypes that have entered the collective imagination regarding the Celts, trying to clarify what really existed or not, with historical and archaeological evidence to support the theses of the president of the association. At the stone circle.

  • Sunday 31st July at 4.00 pm Conference " Bread making in the time of the Celts ". With practical demonstration of ancient baking techniques with natural ingredients (replica). By the Clan del Toro. In the historical field.

  • Sunday 31 July at 6.00 pm " The medicine of the ancient Celts ". The Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi proposes a conference based on new studies concerning the healing methodologies of the ancient peoples of Celtic culture, how they used herbs and what their beliefs were. At the stone circle.


All conferences are open to participation and free of charge

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