The Clan


The Clan "Z" MacAjvar bases its now strong and lasting roots in the mists of time ... It was 1997 wolf had the idea of ​​somehow bringing together friends and closer friends whom considered as an extended family group in which all could recognize themselves. Clanz which in the Trieste dialect indicates a country lane. Finally the name: MacAjvar! (For the uninitiated, Ajvar is a typical karst area sauce that is used on boiled and grilled meats).

The cultural association AES TORKOI of Trieste was born from a group of people with a common passion for history, experimental archeology and historical re-enactment.
After the research in the area of ​​Trieste, Friuli and the neighboring Istria of the III-II century BC, they reproduce artisanly jewels, accessories, tools of war and objects of common use also starting sartorial experiments, artisan, gastronomic as well as fencing activities recalling the ancient Gallica dei Carni population.

The Three Dragons Cultural Association is a group of friends who have been able to study their lives through the preparation of historical camps during festivals and commemorations. In particular, the goal is to revive the life of a supra-tribal organization linked to the mercenary service and therefore to the expulsion of the region. Eastern Alpine Arc and the Caput Adriae (territories now divided between Italy, Austria and Slovenia), areas at the time inhabited by various populations including the Celtic ones of Meats, Taurisks, Catubrins and Norics. This sense of the word is defined by archaeologists as "Pair of Dragons", which is often traced back to populations of this genus.

The clan is born from the passion of Annamaria and Flavio for the Celtic culture and the historical re-enactment, above all the music and the traditional dances of which have become expert to teach them fun and the joy of the Breton, Scottish dances and Irish. For many years now they have been part of the festival, conducting internships involving people of people, from absolute beginners to experienced dancers.

The Clan of the Bull is a cultural association with the preservation of Celtic traditions in places of origin. The intent of the founding members is to seek the connection between various European Celtic cultures through the study of the history, traditions, legends, customs and customs of the Celtic peoples and to research how much of this has been handed down to the days ours , to the point of being still present in our daily life. The choice of Taurus as a symbol of the association for what Taurus represents in Celtic culture. In fact, the "Tarvus" is a powerful animal symbol of prosperity, fertility, wealth, deeply linked to the land of origin.