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22 June Saturday 6.00pm

Fabio Calabrese

Fabio Calabrese

Fabio Calabrese was born in Trieste in 1952, graduated in philosophy, high school teacher, married, two children. A scholar of the Celtic world, he was one of the most active contributors to the "Celticworld" site with over 150 articles published. A science fiction and fantastic fiction writer, she has several national and international publications, both as narrator and essayist. In 2000 he set up the webzine "Continuum" together with Roberto Furlani. His books include Silver Eyes, science fiction anthology published by Perseus Books, In the Temple of Bokrug and other Lovecraftian stories, just to name a few. He has also collaborated in the drafting of the two world dictionaries of John RR Tolkien, the 1999 Rusconi Dictionaries and the 2003 Bompiani Dictionaries. His novel The Crystal Horizon has reached the top five finalists for the 2015 Urania Prize, and was published by Edizioni Scudo in 2016. In 2017, again at the Edizioni Scudo, he published the novel Uomini e sauri, which combines science fiction with themes drawn from Irish legends.

June 23rd, Sunday at 6.00pm

Roshi Fabio

Roshi Fabio

Spiritual researcher from a very young age and scholar of numerous practices and disciplines. In his journey of Inner Search he is initiated into numerous Meditative and Ritualistic practices including Wicca, Shamanism, Reiki, Sufism, developing a sensitive and receptive energetic listening. He is also initiated into Sannyas taking the name of Swami / Roshi Sat Govindo, leading several Meditation, Rituality and Inner Research groups. He is one of the Italian referents of the Wesak-Italy Coordination ( and annually takes care of its implementation in the provinces of Venice, Padua and Treviso, taking an active part also in other areas of Italy. He also collaborates with numerous Clans at Celtic Festivals in Italy (Triskell Trieste, Monterenzio Celtica, Tarvisium Celtica, Fèffarkhorn) taking care of and mostly carrying out the Spiritual, Ritualistic and Meditative part. In 2018 he writes (available only in PDF format) "The Goddess yesterday and today" (Symbols, Holidays and Rituals). Currently in preparation "From the Cult of the Goddess to the Modern Wicca" and "Parasites and Possessions".

June 25th Tuesday 6.30pm

Miriam Maver + Paola Bernetti + Sara Zobec

Miriam Maver

Miriam Maver, holistic operator, teacher and educator. Reiki Master according to the Celtic Ogham Reiki® system and Master Reiki Usui. Hawaiian Huna Reiki level 3. NLP Master's (neurolinguistic programming). ATMAT Professional "The Arvigo Techiniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy" - certificate from: <The Arvigo Institute>. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) operator <AAMET International>. Moon Mother 2nd level (Miranda Gray certified), and registered with the OBOD (Order of Bardi Ovati and Druids of Italy).

Paola Bernetti, personal development consultant certified by the AKSI (Italian Specialized Kinesiology Association). Consultant facilitator in the One Brain system of the Three in One Concepts in Burbank (California). Reiki Master according to the Celtic Ogham Reiki®, Usui, Karuna and Tibetan systems. NLP Master (Neurolinguistic Programmer). 8th level of Inochi (Awareness Research Technology). NST Certified Advanced Practiioner (Neurostructural Integration Technique).

Sara Zobec, professional nurse and health assistant. Reiki Master according to the Celtic Ogham ReiKi® and Master Reidi Usui system. Hawaiian Huna Reiki level 1. NLP Master (Neurolinguistic Programming).

29 June Saturday 6.00pm

Monia Montechiarini

Monia Montechiarini

Ms Montechiarini, lawyer and writer, collaborates with organizations throughout Europe in the field of community projects for the recovery and dissemination of history, including the "Consortium of European Re-enactment Societies". Author of articles on living history in specialized magazines such as Focus History Wars, BBC History, including "I Celti del Friuli" with the Aestorkoj group and Camillo Balossini.
She participates as a speaker in important exhibitions such as the "Festival of the Middle Ages", and organizes conferences and official training days also with the sponsorship of MIBACT. Researcher and scholar of Pictish Stones and some signs made by witches, she often travels to Scotland.