The activities
Archery and Alasdair trophy

Afternoons from Monday 24th to Friday 28th June from 16.00 to 18.00, in the new area dedicated to archery in the grove where it will be indicated, two hours of course will be held with Roberto Cappellina of A.S.D. Dragon Rouge. Mandatory registration. Cost € 10.00 per person, for a maximum of 8 people. *

On the same days (
from 24 to 28 June) from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm, and Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of June, free and free archery trials for everyone, from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. In the new area dedicated to archery in the grove.

Saturday, June 29 from 4.00 pm "5th Alasdair Trophy". Archery Tournament for Juniores category up to 12 years old. Prize giving at the end of the tournament on the concert stage. Dragon Rouge: in the new area dedicated to archery in the grove.

Sunday, June 30th from 4.00 pm "5th Alasdair Trophy". Archery Tournament by Senior category. Prizes at the end of the tournament on the concert stage. By the Dil Sport Association, Dragon Rouge. with the bow in the grove.

ASD Dragon Rouge


After having participated for many editions in Triskell as creator and manager of The Bulldogs Compagnia Arcieri Trieste, for a year now Rob Roy has officially joined the ASD Dragon Rouge, an association that for years has been collaborating in the organization of the festival, also participating in various events Celtic in Italy. Also on this occasion they will make their experience available to all those who want to try their hand at the art of archery. This year, in addition to free and free bow shooting tests, Rob Roy will take individual courses for those interested.
The A.S.D. Dragon Rouge will contribute to charitable fundraising for a cause chosen in the near future.

5th Alasdair Trophy


"5th Alasdair Trophy", Archery Tournament for the Junior and Senior categories.
In memory of dear friend and partner Alessandro Coretti, who died in 2015.
Awards at the end of the tournaments on the concert stage.
By the Ass. Dil. Sport. Dragon Rouge.

Ancient fencing

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June from 16.00 to 17.00

On reservation "Individual lessons of ancient fencing" lasting 1 hour,

in which the fencing of the Celtic populations will be taught and deepened.

Practical activity of the ancient art of fencing of the Celtic populations.

Simulacra of wooden swords will be used, in order to learn the techniques safely.

Curated by Aes Torkoi. Maximum 4 people.

Reservations required by the day before or at the New Age Center via Nordio 4 / C,

or at the info-point. Cost for teaching: € 10.00.

Associazione Aes Torkoi

Dragons Arena

Sunday, June 23rd
at 17.30
in the historical field,
Free stage of Celtic equipment
"Dragons Arena".
Pre-enrollment is required in a maximum number of 5 people, only for adults.
By the Ass. Cult. Three Dragons.

Associazione Tre Draghi

Sgalancio and Javelin

Lunedì 24 Giugno

dalle ore 18.00 alle 19.00

"The ancient game of Sgalancio"
(the ancestor of the current fresbee).

From 10 years upwards.
Both by the Ass. Cult. Three Dragons.

e Tuesday 25 June
from 18.00 to 19.00

"Javelin throw"
(with padded javelins without point).

From 7 years upwards.

Associazione Tre Draghi
Associazione Tre Draghi

Sword for children with the Three Dragons and Aes Torkoi

Saturday 22 June from 5.30pm.

"Sword Stage and Celtic Shield for Children (with scale reproduced equipment)."
By the Ass. Cult. Three Dragons. In the historical field.
Pre-registration required, up to a maximum number of 10 children aged 7/8 or under.


Tuesday 25 and Friday 28 June at 16.00,

"Fencing for children". Free internship by Ass. Cult. Aes Torkoi,
in which children can have fun, learning to learn the basics
of ancient fencing. Meeting at the historical camp.

Associazione Aes Torkoi


Thursday 27 June at 6.30pm. The lighting of fire in antiquity. The ass. cult. Aes Torkoi, proposes an interesting test of experimental archeology on the ignition of fire in antiquity, using reconstructions of instruments of the time, to test its functionality and study its possible results. To the historical field.



Fantasylandia celebrates its 25th year of activity! The reference store in Trieste for the recreational - specialized world of comics and fantasy / science fiction entertainment, proudly counted among the top 10 nationalities that has been able to renew itself and reinvent itself in the various historical venues, has the pleasure to offer to the welcome guests of Triskell, two appointments with some fun activities aimed mainly at the neophyte public of collectible card games, table and role-playing games, miniature games and model-making (as proposed daily in the game room inside the store).

Sunday 23rd and Tuesday 25th June from 4.00pm to 8.00pm. At the 3 stone arches.

Fantasy MINIATURE PAINTING: switch to color your miniature (characters, colors and brushes made available by the store) and take home a piece of Arte;

COLLECTABLE CARD GAMES (Magic, Pokèmon, Vanguard, Force of Will): an expert available will teach you the basic rules and / or to test your deck;

TABLE GAMES: only Monopoly or Risk! .... come and try some of the "canned" games on sale from Fantasylandia, and rediscover the thrill of sharing them in family evenings;

There will be some of the major Trieste Play Associations, already members of the FTL project (Knights of the Hexagon, Alea, Rib of Barbarians, Ruoleggi of the Caribbean, Winners' Club, ALT / Larp) to share experiences, explanations and organized game sessions with you ( reservations on the Fantasylanda website on their FB event!).

All the proposals are TOTALLY FREE.

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