Artisti Triskell 2019

The Artists

21 June Friday

Uttern (ITA)


UTTERN is a unique reality in the Italian and European panorama, combining power and femininity in an explosive mix of pagan-shamanic music. In a few years they have gained the attention and affection of thousands of fans, playing in the biggest Italian Celtic music festivals such as Triskell itself, Montelago, Monterenzio, Bundan, and many others. Their success stems from the genuine connection with the sacred feminine, the Divine Mother and the ancient feeling of Pagan Europe, which the public lives and makes vibrate within itself in every show. Their concert is a great musical ritual, where the water-fire-earth-air elements join the fifth, the Spirit. Music, sacredness and dance become a whole, sometimes whirling, sometimes mystical, with the aim of celebrating Life in all its fullness. Their long-awaited first EP was released on 21 September 2018, with excellent results: in the first month, "Gudinna" won third place in the rankings of folk music and in less than two months exceeded 1000 plays on Spotify .

Waldkauz (DE)


Songs of ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance. Energetic and wild but also ethereal and dreamy sounds flow from the stage to the public. And again the theme of old myths and ancient legends, with their power and their secrets resounding in the band's music until today. These are the Waldkauz.
Based on historical and modern instruments, they combine their compositions with the influences of European folk music; danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies and three-voice arrangements enchant the audience. They boast six years of experience as a traveling and stage group both nationally and internationally. Past high-level events include Wacken Open Air, Wave Gotik Treffen, Castlefest and the Autumn Moon Festival. The band also won the new award from Selb's renowned Mediaval Festival in Bavaria and performed numerous times at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (MPS), the world's largest traveling medieval fair. In the spring of 2017 they released their second album Mythos, thus making a further leap in popularity. A refined and extensive production that gathers the attention and praise of the press and public from Germany and other European countries. Prior to this they released their debut album "Komm mit" which was very successful at the time.

June 22nd Saturday

Boira Fusca (ITA)


From the hills of the Alto Canavese, dotted with deep woods and rural settlements where the old traditions still survive, come the Boira Fusca. The melodies proposed by them are rooted in time, when in the evenings the villagers at the end of a hard day gathered to dance, drink and tell each other new stories. Strengthened by this suggestion, the quintet has a CD and numerous concerts in some of the most prestigious musical realities located throughout Italy and Switzerland. Their music, to a large extent instrumental, is an electric reinterpretation of ancient traditional melodies, belonging mainly to the Celtic area, capable of transporting the listener in the presence of an arcane feeling that remains unchanging and unchanged through time.

Gens d'Ys (ITA)


The Gens d’Ys led by Umberto Crespi, bring their dances to almost all of Italy - from Milan to Rome, from Aosta to Trieste - in France to Switzerland and Germany. Thinking about the beginnings linked to tradition, the path followed is evident: following the exciting Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, the Gens d'Ys offer fascinating and sparkling performances in which the study of the past is now a solid foundation for the dynamism of rhythms more sustained. The different moments of the show, punctuated by the frequent change of costumes, alternate folk dances with surprising revisitations of the traditional steps performed with the "heavy shoes". The dances are both traditional and personal creation. For years, regular guests of the Triskell have been acclaimed, as well as partners of the Festival.

June 23rd Sunday

Micro Irish Band (ITA)

Micro Irish Band

A passion for Irish and Celtic music discovered almost by chance, after having "found in his hands" some traditional instruments. Why Micro Irish Band? They started in two on the end of 2012, without even imagining that soon they would be joined by new partners for the Crew. Traditional ballads, jigs, reels, hornpipes and sea shanties, not only Irish but also Scottish and Bretons, typical instruments or not, add a personal touch ... and the ingredients are all there! A show in continuous evolution, made up of fast-paced rhythms and engaging melodies, in which there will be moments of great atmosphere that will immerse you in the most mystical Ireland and will project you among its green meadows. A journey through music and the stories, dances and costumes associated with the Celtic lands, which will project you between the green meadows of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands until you reach Brittany.

Macushla (IRL)


The Irish group Alternative Folk of Macushla has joined with the goal of bringing their unique and exciting original music to the European Folk, Rock and World Music concert circuit. Described as "raw and exciting", they mix their experience resulting from many different musical styles, thus creating a characteristic genre that is firmly rooted in traditional Irish music and song. The Macushla have performed several concert tours in Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy, where they played at the prestigious Triskell International Celtic Festival in Trieste. The unique sound of Macushla is composed by the frontman, guitarist and singer Brian Brody, Andy Slowey on bass, Al Cowan on drums and percussion, Goshia Gasior on violin and on vocals and multi instrumentalist Matt Hanaphy on guitar, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and voice. The Macushla have received comparisons, the most regular of which would be The Pogues, The Waterboys and even The Dubliners, but with a touch of modernity in their music. Macushla also performs some classic traditional Irish songs, putting their own unique identity on them. Vocalist Brian Brody says: "Macushla believes that modern Irish folk music has the potential to reach a wider and younger audience. We want to perform with exciting new original Irish music and bring something new to the scene."

June 24th Monday

In Vino Veritas (ITA)

GRIMORIUM piccola.jpg

IN VINO VERITAS is the Pagan Medieval Folk band that since 2010 has performed at major festivals of medieval, Celtic, folk, pagan and alternative music, collecting more than 700 dates in many European countries, including Croatia, Czech Republic, Brittany , France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and so on. The first years of activity of the group are characterized by a lot of study and by an extensive research in philological fields related above all to medieval and Celtic music. Subsequently the musicians begin to progressively contaminate their sound, drawing from the specific and varied background of the individual members, to the point of bringing out a peculiar identity capable of mixing trance rhythms, airy melodies, Nordic sounds and warm folk-rock harmonies. After the success of the Bestiarium masked show in recent years, IN VINO VERITAS changes its look and presents us with a new album, Grimorium Magi, inspired by pagan traditions and medieval witchcraft cults, Celtic magic, Gothic and gargoyle aesthetics. The sound of the band evolves further towards a taste as archaic as it is modern, which gives new voice and enchantment to the instruments and myths of the past.

June 25th Tuesday

Spiritual Seasons (UA)

Spiritual Seasons.jpg

The Spiritual Seasons are a medieval folk group from Kharkov in Ukraine, which knew how to combine different musical cultures such as Scandinavian and Celtic. They were formed in 1994, but have only started performing in concerts since 2004. Most of their compositions are Scandinavian, Celtic and medieval melodies and songs from central and northern Europe. They have performed hundreds of concerts in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Malaysia and are constantly participating in historical and non-historical music festivals world. Over the years their repertoire has further expanded with the acquisition of cultures from countries such as France, Germany, Finland, Brittany, Auvergne and others. The band's performances are often accompanied by traditional dances performed by a couple of dancers in their wake. There is no danger of getting bored, given the wide range of pieces proposed that comes from their research on the musical traditions of the various peoples of Europe, both in the past and nowadays. On stage they release a positive and contagious energy to make everyone dance and sing together. For the first time on the Triskell stage.

June 26th Wednesday

Autre Chant (ITA)

Autre Chant.jpg

The Autre Chants were born in 2011 from the meeting of the Rizzo brothers and the organ player Alessandro Strano. From that moment on, a musical understanding starts that begins to produce proper and traditional songs of the Occitan culture. Over time, other elements are added and, with various changes and alternations, 2015 comes when a bass player and a drummer join the group. At that point a change in the musical style appears inevitable; mixing the classic canons of Occitan, Celtic and Balfolk music with those of Punk, Reggae, Classic Rock and Hard Rock, and thus focusing on the great variety of traditional folk instruments which are accompanied with equal importance by the sound of more electric instruments and " heretics ", thus obtain a more full-bodied and decisive sound, able to reach larger audiences and a more heterogeneous audience. In 2016 they released their first self-produced self-titled album, followed by two singles in 2017.

Fabula (DE)

Now home band at Triskell. Formed in 1995, the Fabula come from Saxony. Their strong musical impact kidnaps anyone who listens to them, thanks to medieval bagpipes and large drums. The band performs in medieval re-enactments and in castles, festivals and folk festivals and they are always around Europe. They differ from other medieval groups, thanks to the inclusion of Scottish Celtic and Breton influences in their works and the result that derives from it is absolutely characteristic. The sounds of the powerful medieval bagpipes and the bombastic drums mixed with the traditional melodies and the personal adaptations of the group, certainly, together with the costumes, make the Fabula Aetatis a unique band. They have almost 1000 concerts at their disposal, including medieval festivals and various exhibitions throughout Europe.
The Fabula will promote the Festival already with street performances in Germany, on the coast of Slovenia, Trieste, Muggia, Grado, Gorizia, Monfalcone, Gorizia and Duino Aurisina thanks to the partnership with the ProLoco del Mitreo. In Sistiana, he will perform on Thursday 27 during the morning.

June 27th Thursday

Selfish Murphy (RO)

Selfish Murphy.jpg

Selfish Murphy born in 2011 in Transylvania (Romania). The line-up chose a musical style that was previously unknown in Romania, it was the first band to play the so-called Celtic / Irish punk rock. Their songs convey the enthusiastic feeling of the Celtic lifestyle and the typical festive atmosphere of an Irish pub. Most of the songs are cheerful and easy to digest. In their repertoire we can find traditional Irish songs that are very popular all over the world such as: Drunken Sailor, All For Me Grog, Leaving Of Liverpool, Wild Rover etc., played in Celtic punk version. Then there are also covers of famous modern pieces such as: Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, With Or Without You and others, converted to Irish folk style. These songs are integrated with the band's own compositions, based on the simplicity and dynamism typical of the Drinking Song and Scottish Song. To sum up, the band can be identified with three words: music + beer + party = Selfish Murphy!

Fabula (DE)

Now home band at Triskell. Formed in 1995, the Fabula come from Saxony. Their strong musical impact kidnaps anyone who listens to them, thanks to medieval bagpipes and large drums. The band performs in medieval re-enactments and in castles, festivals and folk festivals and they are always around Europe. They differ from other medieval groups, thanks to the inclusion of Scottish Celtic and Breton influences in their works and the result that derives from it is absolutely characteristic. The sounds of the powerful medieval bagpipes and the bombastic drums mixed with the traditional melodies and the personal adaptations of the group, certainly, together with the costumes, make the Fabula Aetatis a unique band. They have almost 1000 concerts at their disposal, including medieval festivals and various exhibitions throughout Europe.

June 28th Friday

Celtic Pixie (ITA)

Celtic Pixie.jpg

The group was born in 2011 from the common passion of the components towards the folk music coming from the so-called "Celtic area" (Ireland, Brittany, Scotland and Galicia) and from the idea of ​​making it known and appreciated by as many people as possible, favoring acoustic instruments for best preserve the most authentic and popular sounds. The choice of name refers to the type of music combined with a spiteful Devon sprite. In recent years the band has held numerous concerts in varied contexts: folk festivals, literary presentations, theatrical performances, various types of cultural events and, of course, in the most genuine Irish pubs. Also active in the social field, the band offered its musical contribution, collaborating for free with local and national voluntary associations. To date, Celtic Pixie has produced two albums of traditional songs arranged by them, Peekaboo (2013) and Elements (2015). The third album dedicated mainly to dance is currently in progress, a primary aspect of folk music.

Clan of Celts (UK)

Clan of Celts.jpg

Established and experienced musicians have toured and performed in the last 25 years each with different well-known and respected bands, both in the UK and around the world. But everyone felt that one day they would return to their Celtic roots, and that day came!
After meeting, a professional drummer with strong Celtic connections, a renowned London-based violinist and guitarist, an expert musician with banjo and accordion, then the Clan was completed. From time to time they hire some of the best Irish traditional and Irish musicians who then appear in some of their albums and live performances. Combining all their experiences and musical influences ranging from Rock, Metal, Country, Punk, Classical and of course traditional Irish, they have created a unique and original style of so-called Celtic-Rock, an unmistakable sound that is offered with Celtic pride, passion, commitment and respect for our traditional roots.


June 29th Saturday

Bog Bards (SLO)

Bog Bards.jpg

The Bog Bards is a band composed of six young musicians from Domzale, who have been offering traditional Irish music for about ten years. During this time, they performed on many stages, from the smallest local pubs and bars, to some of the biggest events and festivals in Slovenia and abroad. They are passionate and devourers of all that is Irish. Their way of interpreting music goes back to the hard life in the bogs and to the poetry of itinerant bards. The arrangements are typically Irish, from the saddest tunes and ballads to the most joyful jigs and reels. Their positive energy creates an atmosphere that recalls green hills, dark moors and pints of excellent Irish beer and whiskey, served in an authentic country pub, where songs, flutes and bodhran evoke the good old days. Violin, guitar and double bass instead will bring your thoughts back to the current moment, where you won't be able to resist dancing and singing, and drinking a couple of pints!

Tir Nan Og (DE)


Tir Nan Og (from the Gaelic: land of the ever-living), are six musicians from Bavaria who for more than 15 years have performed in central Europe in more than 300 concerts. Regardless of whether it is a cozy pub or a large festival, Tir Nan Og feel at home and know how to drag their audiences like few other bands. It is impossible to escape the energy show, the indomitable musical strength and the character of the band. They combine different musical styles such as rock, reggae and punk, in an extraordinary mix that remains faithfully rooted in Celtic folk rock. Traditional songs ingeniously combined with famous and popular original songs, dressed in exuberant rock dresses. All this combined with fast-paced and danceable rhythms, makes the music of Tir Nan Og a pleasure for the ears and makes the whole arms and legs move. The rhythm section is composed of guitars, drums, violin, flutes and bagpipes, supported by Sarah's rock voice.

30 June Sunday

To Loo Loose (ITA)


The "The To Loo Loose Band" was born in Trieste in 1995 from the encounter between elements active for years in the environment of folk music and incurable rockers, with the aim of experimenting with new arrangements on traditional Irish music. The To Loo Loose do not sound with the aim of faithfully reproducing the suggestions of green Ireland, but with the intent of lowering them into our musical and cultural reality. On the slanting rhythms or on the wild syncopates of the green island, they sew a sound capable of reviving the songs of the Irish tradition in completely new compositions. The 25-year career is approaching in which they have conquered all sorts of stages and interpreted countless pieces of the Celtic tradition, enriching in their own way the celtic standards with ingredients derived from the influences of the many musicians who have played in the band throughout this time.