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Every evening at the end of the concerts, from 22nd to 31st July, Vassago will animate the evenings of the Festival, with its fascinating focogiocoleria shows.

Il Giardino Arcano
Giardino Arcano

From 22 to 31 July for the entire period of the Festival from 21.00 onwards, divinations at the stone circle in the grove, with the Priestesses of the Arcane Garden. 5 stations with readings of runes, oracles of fairies, tarot cards and other mantic arts.

The Sacred Labyrinth

From  22 to 31 July every evening from 21.00, you can retrace the now traditional Sacred Labyrinth at the 3 Archi, which will be built and guarded by Àrtos. In the Ancient World, the "unicorsal" Labyrinth, which goes in a single direction, represents the Great Goddess, the universal creative energy, and its Center is the place of rebirth and renewal. At the point of entry, be silent by focusing on one intent, then ask inwardly for permission to enter. Always in silence and with a slow but steady pace, walk the path, never stopping and paying attention not to go off the path, keeping your intent in mind. Once in the center, you can stop for a few minutes: close your eyes, and focus on the magical energy you perceive. Then, repeat the path in reverse, being careful not to go out of the way, keeping an attitude of gratitude inwardly. On the threshold before leaving the Labyrinth for good, turn towards the center and give thanks. At this point you will receive your Oracle, which will answer your question, your intent, choosing it with an open heart and closed eyes.

For any question or information you can ad Àrtos, the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

Wolf MacAjvar's castles
Castelli di carta

from Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st July the castles treated in detail by Wolf MacAjvar will be freely exposed to the public, created with recycled materials.

The exhibition will be set up in a special gazebo reserved for the display and sale of MacAjvar spiced wines.

The exhibition is connected to the ECOFESTA.

Okami Mangart

from Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st July the new exhibition of fantasy-themed works (dragons, fairies, wizards, pagan, celtic, etc.) by the Trieste artist Okamy Mangart will be open to visitors.

The exhibition will be set up in the large gazebo reserved for workshops, activities and exhibitions and exhibitions.

Migrations of the Celts
Mostra sui Celti

From Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st July , the paneled exhibition on Celtic Migrations will be open to visitors .

The exhibition will be set up in the large gazebo reserved for workshops, activities and exhibitions and exhibitions.

Falconers of the Ginestra
Falconeria della Ginestra

On 23 and 24 and 30 and 31 July , Falconieri della Ginestra, an independent falconry group active in the province of Parma since 2016, will be with us.

They will present a direct approach to basic falconry suitable for everyone, convinced of the possibility of being able to offer anyone with curiosity about this world the opportunity to interact with these splendid animals by creating teaching courses, in which the basics of raptor management will be explained. , its use in the workplace, but above all the respect and care of it. They will give the opportunity to handle  il falco, aware of the rare occasions in which this is possible and will hold some courses to approach falconry.

The Dryads

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th, Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July , the hairdressing girls of Le Driadi , who have been present at the festival for years now, will work to create wonderful Celtic hairstyles with free offer.

Katia Simonetti
Katia Simonetti

Sunday 24 July from 10.00 to 20.00, II Triskell Bodypainting Contest. Body painting event on models, by expert bodypainters. Evening parade on the stage and award ceremonies as per regulation. Theme: "The Mysteries of Avalon" .

See Body Painting page.

Fire Tales

Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July free animations with animated reading around the cauldron. The FireTales artistic group has been working for years on the #antrodellastrega and creatures of the forest project, dealing with legends, narratives, workshops and performances that evoke past times, from Celtic / Norse to the Middle Ages a playful educational path to discover creatures linked to legends handed down. They will offer workshops for children and teenagers, animated readings with themed legends and alchemical bubbles for children and adults. Their Saxon / Viking tent will be set up inside, by some natural products that follow the biodiversity of the seasons, and can be visited by the public or experienced through some performances. In the cave are kept "in spirit", some animals recovered in the wild already deceased: 1 woodpecker, 1 crow and 1 turtle. In the cave you will find: 1 birds' nest, a handwritten grimoire that collects legends and myths of witches over the centuries, mushrooms, preserved molds, flours, spices, ancient grains and aromatic plants. The set-up is not only exhibition but used in workshops with children to discover the different aspects of nature and its use in history.

Fata Foglia
Fata Foglia

from Friday 22 to Tuesday 26 July , the return of Fata Foglia.
Erika Fumagalli, aka Leaf Fairy, will charm travelers in the paths of the Boschetto by surprise. With its iridescent wings and its dress that recalls the colors and the charm of nature it will not fail to amaze, and the improvised notes coming from the Celtic harp will be a vehicle for well-being, relaxation and inner peace.

During the Festival he will hold the highly requested individual Arpatherapy sessions, to release stress, tension and for the harmonization of subtle bodies.


On Tuesday 26 July , Fata Foglia will perform at Villa Tissano in Santa Maria la Longa (UD), for an Itinerant Triskell date.


I Raccontabosco
Fairy Rainbow

Friday 29 July from 17.00 to 18.00, ​​ "I Raccontastorie" of the Circle of Fairy tales, will entertain children, teenagers and dreamers with bardic and fairy tales. By MacAjvar's Fairy Rainbow. Monica Bellini aka Fairy Rainbow by MacAjvar, is a preschool teacher, with long experience in relationships with children, promoter of the project "Towards a friendly school" sponsored by the FVG region and UNICEF.

At the Stone Circle.

Lughnasad celebration
spighe di grano

Sunday 31 July at the end of the concert and fireworks show, there will be the celebration of Lughnasad, the ancient Celtic harvest festival, also known as Lammas, a very ancient festival that has its roots in Gaul. Lugh the luminous, was one of the most important divinities among the Celts: warrior, expert in magical arts and excellent healer, as well as connoisseur of herbs, he was celebrated by the Druids on the eve of 1 August.

This rite in which everyone can participate, will close the XXII Edition of the Triskell Festival and will be held by Denise of Clan Lough Gur, in synergy with the priestesses Bridge, Atanvarniëë and others of the various clans present, who will join for the celebration.

Compagnia San Giorgio e il Drago
San Giorgio e il Drago

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00 , great entertainment for children with the involvement of some parents. The much sought-after Harry Potter is back but with new adventures. 4 completely different stories for a great Potter weekend.


​It is recommend booking as there is a large number of interested children; the maximum number of registrations is 120 children per session and places fill up easily.



For each two-hour animation, € 10 per child is required. The fee also includes dressing as a wizard.

For all the detailed information, click on the Red Tower alongside.

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